‘I borrowed 5 beauty tips from a drag queen’

‘I borrowed 5 beauty tips from a drag queen’

‘I borrowed 5 beauty tips from a drag queen’,

5 beauty tips from a drag queen

Have you ever been curious about the drag queens and their high-quality makeup. They are the exceptional humans within the splendor business to inform you a way to apply makeup inside the proper way. We asked drag queen Sanket Sawant aka Gentleman Gaga to inform us approximately some beauty hacks which simplest a drag queen can monitor.

ed 5 beauty tips from a drag queen',

Most critical hack for a drag queen is foam pads which permits you to get an hourglass discern.

They should wear 4 to six layers of tights to get the right appearance. Other extra advantages of wearing foam pads are that they may be lightweight, adaptable, and low-cost. If you may make investments more, then you can opt for Silicone as it’s softer and movements extra clearly. But Silicone does have its cons of being pricey and main to sweat patches

Make positive you bake your foundation nicely as a layer of foundation carried out over the contouring make-up enables all your artistry appearance absolutely natural. Also, don’t forget about that being a drag queen approach that you need a full coverage foundation. If you need to cover whatever, be it facial hair or scars or whatever else, a complete coverage basis may be your savior!

Skincare is prime, comply with a day by day pores and skin ritual i.E., moisturize, scrub, exfoliate and drink plenty of water. The key rule is that the extra you deal with your skin, the higher it’s going to appearance when you observe make-up. And in no way forget about to eliminate your makeup and moisturize because it’s approximately self-care too!

Being a drag queen is all about drama. Because you want to grab the attention of the audience. Don’t overlook this advice human beings, too much is too less, so don’t hesitate in adding extra quantity and spice! If you hold this in mind every time, your audience will grow to be loving you.

Anything and the entirety is feasible when it comes to drag, so screw the rules. Be yourself and do something makes you sense alive, be it making a song, dancing, website hosting, or live streaming. It’s all approximately taking part in what you do.

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