Hyderabad NGO Providing Free Meals To Covid-19 Sufferers

Hyderabad NGO Providing Free Meals To Covid-19 Sufferers

Among the adversities of Covid-19, people gathering to help each other is the silver lining. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we could see people from different walks of life joining hands to fight the situation in every possible way. From the governments and the frontline helpers to a regular citizen – everyone contributed in their own way. Social organisations and NGOs in every state have been providing beds, meals, ambulance etc to the needy. One such organisation that recently made the headlines is Aashri Society – a Hyderabad-based NGO. According to report, they have stepped forward to feed the Covid-infected people with two home-cooked meals daily. Besides, they are also offering free meals to the poor and the needy.

While discussing about their initiative, the president of the NGO – Kandula Ram Kishor Reddy – said that he started this program along with his wife, after a suggestion from a doctor friend. Their aim is to feed the poor and the needy with cooked food for “free of cost”. They also send meals to Covid patients in different hospitals in Hyderabad.
“Initially we have started to feed 23 Covid positive patients on April 4. Later on, the number of Covid patients that we feed on a daily basis also increased to 259,” he further stated, adding that they also distribute nearly about 600 home-cooked foods to the poor, on a daily basis.

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