How To Make Wasabi Prawns

How To Make Wasabi Prawns

How To Make Wasabi Prawns

Wasabi Prawns is a Japanese recipe made with mayonnaise, egg whites, mango, and corn flour. A lip-smacking non-veggie lover recipe, it has a sweet yet tart flavor to it due to mango and wasabi sauce. This dish is an ideal hors d’oeuvre for events like pot fates, game evenings, and gatherings.

Wasabi Prawns

How To Make Wasabi Prawns

This delectable treat is falling short on carbs and will be a moment hit with your companions on weight reduction binge. Attempt this mouth-watering fish recipe and appreciate with your friends and family.

Elements of Wasabi Prawns

400 gm prawns
1 egg whites
75 gm corn flour
200 ml mayonnaise
salt as required
5 ml sesame oil
3 tablespoon vegetable oil
15 ml wasabi sauce
For Garnishing
100 gm mango
5 gm mint leaves
15 gm onion
30 ml sweet stew syrup

The most effective method to make Wasabi Prawns

How To Make Wasabi Prawns

Stage 1

Wash the prawns, right off the bat, then devein them and keep them to the side.

Presently place onions and mint leaves over slashing load up and hack them.

Stage 2

Then, for getting ready mango salsa take a bowl and add Alphonso mangoes, slashed onion, mint leaves and sweet stew syrup (utilize sweet stew sauce, if accessible).

Blend every one of the fixings well. Refrigerate the salsa.

How To Make Wasabi Prawns

Stage 3

Presently, to plan wasabi mayonnaise, take one more bowl and add mayonnaise in it alongside wasabi sauce in it.

Blend the fixings well.

Stage 4

Then, take a huge bowl and add salt, sesame oil, corn flour alongside egg white in it. Presently add prawns in the bowl and coat them equally.

Then, at that point, place a skillet over medium fire and pour oil in it. Heat the oil briefly and afterward put the covered prawns in the container. Pan sear the prawns.

Stage 5

Presently, throw the prawns onto a plate and coat them with wasabi mayonnaise. Decorate with mango salsa besting. Serve!

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