How To Make Soft And Spongy Walnut Cake – 3 Easy and Simple Recipes

How To Make Soft And Spongy Walnut Cake – 3 Easy and Simple Recipes

By now, we all know cooking was a major mode of entertainment during the lockdown time. It was one of the few things that helped people keep distracted from the adverse situation outside. We tried making almost everything at home – from dalgona coffee to pizza chaat. Some of us also opted for baking and prepared yummy cakes, muffins and breads at home. Today, due to the high level of increasing Covid-19 cases across India, we are again facing a lockdown in almost every state. And the negative news everywhere is leaving us disturbed. This is why, we say, put on your apron and chef’s hat once again and cook up a storm in the kitchen to keep yourself positive and busy. And what’s better than a perfectly baked soft and spongy cake to brighten up the day!

We found 3 delicious walnut cake recipes that will help up your baking game without much struggle. Let’s take a look how to prepare the yummiest cakes:

1. Banana Walnut Cake:

Have some overripe bananas at home? We suggest, do not throw them away; instead, bake a delicious banana walnut cake with this super easy recipe. Gooey, starchy banana, blended with bitter-sweet walnut, flour, nutmeg, vanilla essence and more – this cake leaves a strong savour on your palate. And what impressed us the most is its crumbled texture and strong aroma.

2. Coffee Walnut Cake:

We also found the classic coffee walnut cake recipe to pair with your tea and coffee. This recipe is simple, basic and a popular choice among all. If you ask us, we just love how comforting this cake tastes. The rich aroma of coffee, mixed with vanilla essence and crunchy walnut – this cake is just tempting.

3. Apple Walnut Cake:

If you are a fan of fruit-n-nut ice creams, chocolates etc, then this cake is just for you. The combination of sweet apple and crunchy walnut just sweeps you off your feet. You can simply store this cake in a cool place for at least a week

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