How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza

How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza

How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza.Pizza is nearly each childs preferred snack. Not simply it’s miles tasty, in addition to it is gratifying too. This Continental pizza uses two unique substances paneer and olives. Both while used collectively make a really perfect snack to have. If you or your child is bored from the ordinary pizzas obtainable, you may deliver a try and this one of a kind and new combination of pizza which uses panner with olives. In all it is some thing with absolutely distinctive taste and texture.

Cheese is every other essential component used in guidance of this snack. Any pizza is incomplete without topping of properly amount of cheese on it. It adds a smooth and moist texture for your pizza together with the crunch of the bottom. This snack might be your desire to your children birthday party or you can even serve this scrumptious snack on festivals like Christmas or New Year to your visitors. Follow this easy and distinct pizza recipe and make all people happy.

Another exciting issue approximately this pizza recipe is that, it takes best half-hour to put together this scrumptious snack. Also, its is a very easy recipe. The ingredients utilized in instruction of this snack are easy to get. So, do this recipe quickly and revel in its flavours.

How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza
How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza

How to Make Paneer And Olive Pizza

Total Time30mPrep Time10 mCalories513
Ingredients of Paneer and Olive Pizza

2 Servings
50 gm diced paneer
powdered black pepper as required
1 tablespoon pizza sauce
50 gm mozzarella
3 chopped black olives
salt as required
1 small pizza base

How to make Paneer and Olive Pizza
Step 1
To put together this exceptional pizza, first, take a small sized bowl. Add paneer along with olives in it. Make sure you wash them smartly before the usage of. Then, add salt and black pepper as required and blend properly.

Step 2
Now, evenly spread pizza sauce in your pizza base. Make positive that the pizza base you operate is sparkling. Then, cover the pizza suace with the paneer-olive blend topping organized. Likewise, spread cheese all through the bottom.

Step three
Next, preheat your OTG at a hundred and eighty degree Celsius. Then, area your base base on the baking tray. Bake the pizza for next three-four mins till the top layer of cheese melts absolutely. Also, test that the decrease side of the base turns into mild brown in coloration.

Step 4
Once the pizza is baked nicely, transfer it to the serving plate cautiously. Slice it equally and serve warm.


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