How To Make Muruku

How To Make Muruku

How To Make Muruku

Hankering for something crunchy to make your nights fascinating? Then attempt this simple and conventional Muruku recipe at home by following a few simple tasks given beneath…

Muruku is a crunchy Indian nibble recipe arranged with gram flour, rice flour and sesame seeds which started in South India.

How To Make Muruku

How To Make Muruku

This simple to-make and basic exquisite is otherwise called chakli which is a significant tidbit served during a few celebrations. Murukus are fresh and delightful in taste which can be served during break time, can be carried on travels, picnics and are a children number one! How To Make Muruku. You can add spread to it for a heavenly taste and surface and your own favored flavors to it.

Chomp on this heavenly, protein-rich and without gluten nibble recipe as a night nibble alongside some hot channeling tea. It is a simple to make and ideal nibble recipe which can be ready in an enormous amount and is totally bother free.

How To Make Muruku? It’s additionally an incredible nibble for youngsters to eat as they study or for those arbitrary food cravings. Attempt this delighful nibble recipe in the approaching end of the week for your friends and family.

Elements of Muruku

1 cup urad dal flour
1 cup gram flour (besan)
3 teaspoon red bean stew powder

water as required
salt as required
2 teaspoon cumin seeds

1/2 cup sesame seeds
2 cup rice flour
1 cup margarine
2 cup vegetable oil

Step by step instructions to make Muruku

Stage 1 Mix the flours and flavors

How To Make Muruku? To make these fresh Murukus, take a bowl and put rice flour, urad flour, besan flour, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, red stew powder, sesame seeds, and salt into it.

Blend them well. Presently, dissolve the margarine and add it into the flour blend.

Stage 2 Make a mixture

How To Make Muruku? Make a batter by adding water into the combination and gradually ply it to make a smooth and delicate mixture.

Stage 3 Prepare the Muruku

Presently, take a Muruku producer and spot a piece of mixture in Muruku Maker.

Oil a plate and afterward pipe out the examples, shaping circles, on it. Rehash the interaction with rest of the batter.

Stage 4 Fry the murukus

Presently, put a skillet and pour oil in it and intensity it over medium fire.

Put the murukus gradually and cautiously in the skillet and let it fry in the oil, without contacting one another. Sear till they become light brilliant brown in variety.

Stage 5 Relish whenever

Once the murukus are seared, remove them from the dish and put them on a kitchen paper towel, to deplete the additional oil.

Permit them to cool. Serve it with tea. You can store the Muruku in a dry compartment or a container.


To complement the flavor of the muruku you can supplant margarine with ghee.

You can likewise include some squashed and dried methi leaves.

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How To Make Muruku

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