How To Make Masala Omelet Recipe

How To Make Masala Omelet Recipe

How To Make Masala Omelet Recipe

Hankering a Spicy Masala Omelet for breakfast? Prepare a delectable feast with this simple Masala Omelet Recipe.

On the off chance that you love fiery egg plans, you need to check this Masala Omelet formula out. Never had a go at making hot omelet? Not to stress, as this formula with bit by bit guidelines will help you en route.

Masala Omelet

How To Make Masala Omelet Recipe

This is a solid egg formula as it is stacked with veggies, along these lines being a great decision to serve to kids. The least demanding omelet formula to make in a hurry, you can cushion it up and mix it up of garnishes like mushrooms, capsicum, cheddar, paneer and bubbled potatoes.

Attempt this fast and simple to-make zesty masala omelet formula for your family and fill their heart with joy!

Elements of Masala Omelet

4 egg
2 finely cleaved green bean stew
4 tablespoon finely cleaved capsicum ( green pepper)
salt as required

1/4 teaspoon turmeric
2 tablespoon virgin olive oil
4 finely cleaved onion
2 tablespoon milk

4 tablespoon finely cleaved tomato
1/4 teaspoon dark pepper
3 branches finely slashed coriander leaves


Stage 1 Beat the eggs, add preparing and veggies

Beat the eggs till foamy (the more you beat the egg the fluffier it will emerge to be). Add the other fixings with the exception of the oil and whisk well.

Stage 2 Heat the skillet and drop the egg combination

Sprinkle oil in a skillet, permit it to warm up. Once hot, diminish the fire, add half of the egg combination and twirl it around the skillet. Cook on low medium fire till the sides are cooked and the underside is somewhat carmelized.

Stage 3 Flip and cook the opposite side

Lift the omelet somewhat to check whether the underside is brilliant brown. Then leisurely flip over and cook the opposite side. Rehash the progression with the extra blend to make another omelet.

Stage 4 Serve the Masala Omelet hot!

Slide the fiery masala omelet onto a plate and serve hot with bread or buns.


You can add any mix of veggies you like. Just finely slash them.

Go ahead and add extra hacked green chillies in the event that you like fiery.

You can likewise add ground cheddar in the event that you like.

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