How To Make Figs Dates Burfi Recipe

How To Make Figs Dates Burfi Recipe

How To Make Figs Dates Burfi Recipe

Desserts are a staple in each Indian family, particularly during the celebration season. Assuming that you are in the disposition to set up an out of the case sweet then this Figs Dates Burfi recipe is ideally suited for you.

Arranged utilizing only 5 fixings, this recipe is really basic and just requires 30 minutes to make. You just need dark dates, figs, ghee, poppy seeds and dry natural products to devise this flavorful sweet.

Figs Dates Burfi

How To Make Figs Dates Burfi Recipe

Barfis are a public most loved dish and this recipe adds a spot of elements for an interesting and captivating taste. You can serve this at kitty parties, potlucks, smorgasbords or get them together for picnics and travels.

You can likewise serve this as a sweet dish after extravagant suppers. Figs and dates are both regular sugars, in this way, are perfect for individuals who experience the ill effects of diabetes.

They are stringy and are loaded with supplements, which assist with further developing processing and help in decreasing the gamble of numerous infections. Along these lines, make this heavenly sweet that can be appreciated by individuals of any age and furthermore by individuals who are diabetic.

Follow this simple task by step recipe to dazzle everybody with your cooking abilities! Assuming you partake in this flavorful treat, you could likewise partake in our recipes for Rose Barfi, Milk Barfi or Chocolate Barfi.

Elements of Figs Dates Burfi

250 gm blended dry organic products
250 gm figs

3 tablespoon ghee
250 gm pitted dates
50 gm poppy seeds

Step by step instructions to make Figs Dates Burfi

Stage 1

To set up this tasty recipe, begin by taking a container over medium fire and dish the blended dry organic products in it. Then, at that point, utilizing a clean hacking board, finely cleave them.

Stage 2

Presently, take the hollowed dates and hack them also. Then again, take a bowl with water in it and splash the figs for 10 minutes.

At the point when they are splashed, empty out the water and hack the figs. Presently, add both the cleaved dates and hacked figs into a blender and mix it to frame a smooth glue.

Stage 3

Take a dish over medium fire and add ghee to it. At the point when it’s adequately hot, add the figs and dates glue to it and cook for 8-10 minutes while blending constantly.

Then, add the cleaved dry natural products to the dish and blend well. Permit it to cook for a couple of moments.

Stage 4

Once done, switch off the fire and let the blend cool down.

When the combination has chilled off, partition them into little pieces and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. (For an additional surface, roll them in simmered poppy seeds)

Stage 5

Presently, cut them into states of your longing and move it to a serving plate. Serve the tasty sweet and appreciate!

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