How To Make Cornflour Cake Recipe

How To Make Cornflour Cake Recipe

How To Make Cornflour Cake Recipe

Cornflour cake is a light and fleecy cake recipe that you can make for your friends and family on events like kitty party, pot karma, and even excursion.

Cornflour Cake

How To Make Cornflour Cake Recipe

It is a simple to-make dish that you can appreciate as a pastry, and you can likewise relish it as a nibble with some hot tea. This dish is ready with cornflour, regular flour, spread, caster sugar, eggs, and milk, and it tastes super-tasty.

A mouth-watering dish, you can set it up for your loved ones on any event. Attempt it today and appreciate with your friends and family!

Elements of Cornflour Cake

250 gm corn flour
4 teaspoon baking powder
50 ml milk

50 gm regular baking flour
4 egg

100 gm caster sugar
100 gm margarine

Step by step instructions to make Cornflour Cake

Stage 1 Beat the margarine and sugar, then, at that point, add milk

To set up this flavorful cake, take an enormous bowl and add spread alongside sugar in it.

Utilizing an electric mixer, beat them together and gradually break the eggs while beating.

A while later, add milk to the bowl and whisk by and by. Keep the bowl to the side.

Stage 2 Mix with the filtered dry fixings to set up a cake player

Then, sifter together the cornflour, baking powder and regular flour in an enormous bowl.

Blend the milk and egg combination in this flour bowl and mix to set up the player.

Ensure there are no bumps remaining. Take a baking plate and oil it with spread.

Stage 3 Pour the hitter in a lubed plate and heat for 60-70 minutes

Pour the hitter in the lubed baking plate and heat for around 60-70 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius.

Check prior to eliminating from the stove. Once prepared appropriately, let it cool and serve.


Utilize semi-dissolved margarine while setting up the cake player.

This cake is best served warm, finished off with spread.

You can likewise tidy some confectioner’s sugar on it prior to serving.

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