How To Make Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

How To Make Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

How To Make Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

Cheddar Tomato Sandwich is a delectable and simple to-cook sandwich recipe, which you can make for Sunday early lunch and game evenings. Ready with white bread, tomato, cheddar, salt, and mayonnaise, this is a simple recipe that your children couldn’t imagine anything better than to have whenever.

Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

How To Make Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

This is a should attempt sandwich recipe for picnics and children’s lunch box, as it is light on stomach and can be processed without any problem. Give this simple recipe a shot ends of the week for your friends and family!

Elements of Cheese Tomato Sandwich

3 tomato
10 cuts white bread
4 cuts cheddar

3 tablespoon mayonnaise
For Seasoning
salt as required
dark pepper as required

The most effective method to make Cheese Tomato Sandwich

Stage 1

Most importantly, cut tomatoes in slight cuts.

Assume a plate and position 5 bread cuts on it.

Then, at that point, put cheddar on the bread cuts and cover them with tomato cuts.

Take the excess 5 bread cuts and spread mayonnaise on it. Season with salt and pepper according as you would prefer.

Stage 2

Presently put the other bread cuts on tomato and press them with light hands.

Barbecue it for a couple of moments and serve the sandwich with chutney or ketchup.

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How To Make Cheddar Tomato Sandwich

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