How To Make A Prawn Machbous

How To Make A Prawn Machbous

How To Make A Prawn Machbous

Prawn Machbous is an exemplary Middle Easter recipe that can be made in only 60 minutes.

This recipe could seem to be prawn biryani to some, however it’s altogether different from that. In the event that you are searching for a conventional Middle Eastern recipe, you should attempt this mouth-watering dish.

Prawn Machbous

How To Make A Prawn Machbous

You should simply, marinate the prawns and afterward cook them in flavors with splashed rice. Do attempt this astonishing prawns recipe. (Recipe: Emirates)

Elements of Prawn Machbous

10 Servings
1 1/2 kilograms prawns
75 ml tomato puree
150 gm tomato
50 ml vegetable oil
30 gm salt
10 gm white pepper powder
25 gm powdered allspice
62 gm cumin powder
20 gm powdered green cardamom
25 gm turmeric
1 kilograms basmati rice
60 gm red onion
15 gm coriander leaves
45 gm ghee
30 gm garlic
45 gm coriander powder
6 gm red bean stew powder
45 gm powdered cinnamon
10 gm nutmeg powder
1 liter water
For Marination
30 ml vegetable oil

How To Make A Prawn Machbous

Step by step instructions to make Prawn Machbous

Stage 1 Prepare the machbous flavor

To set up this yummy dish, first, you want to make the mark machbous zest blend.

For the equivalent, take a huge bowl and consolidate every one of the powdered flavors: coriander seeds, allspice, white pepper, red bean stew, cumin, loomi, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and turmeric.

When the zest blend is made, put away 50 g of for the recipe and pack the rest in an impenetrable holder for sometime later.

Stage 2 Marinate the prawns with machbous flavor blend

Clean the prawns, strip them, and take the tail off them. Presently, marinate the prawns in machbous zest blend, salt to taste and vegetable oil for 30 minutes.

How To Make A Prawn Machbous

Stage 3 Soak the rice for 45 minutes

Wash and flush the rice multiple times. Then, at that point, drench them for 45 minutes and once finished, strain the water.

Stage 4 Cook the prawns

For cooking prawns, put a huge cooking pot over medium fire and intensity oil in it. At the point when the oil is sufficiently hot, add hacked garlic, onion in it and sauté for 2 minutes.

Presently, pound the dried entire loomi and add to the garlic-onion blend. Sauté until onions are delicate and clear.

Presently, add spread in the pot alongside prawns and mix completely. At last, add tomato glue in the pot and cook briefly. Then, add the slashed coriander, diced tomatoes and salt.

Stage 5 Add rice and cook them

Immediately, add the washed rice in the pot and the other flavors and mix. Presently, add high temp water and heat it to the point of boiling.

Cover the pot and stew over low intensity for 15-20 minutes until the rice is cooked. Presently, present with a topping of new coriander.

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