How To Make A Milk Cookies

How To Make A Milk Cookies

How To Make A Milk Cookies

Hankering some tasty milk treats? Attempt this speedy and simple milk treat recipe with bit by bit guidelines.

In the event that you love rolls, this milk treat recipe is ideal for you to attempt. Don’t bother stressing in the event that you have not heated treats previously, as this simple milk treat recipe with bit by bit directions will improve on things for you. How To Make A Milk Cookies.

Milk Cookies

How To Make A Milk Cookies

In the event that you have extraordinary visitors coming in later or need to treat your soul mate, this milk treat with consolidated milk recipe is simply perfect.

Milk Cookies is a lip-smacking treat recipe that is stacked with the extreme taste of dense milk, spread and caster sugar.

Serve this mouth-watering recipe to your friends and family and joy their taste buds.

How To Make A Milk Cookies

Basic goes quite far, and for that reason this satisfying recipe stands higher among every one of the numerous treats accessible.

So attempt this simple dense milk treat recipe and adventure into a universe of energetic bites! Pack these treats and take them alongside you on excursions to ease your food cravings.

How To Make A Milk Cookies

Elements of Milk Cookies

10 tablespoon milk powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/4 cup spread

1/2 cup consolidated milk
4 tablespoon caster sugar

For The Main Dish
3 cup regular baking flour

Instructions to make Milk Cookies

Stage 1 Prepare the flour combination

To start making these treats, utilize a sifter and strainer regular flour with baking powder. Then blend this filtered flour combination in with milk powder. Keep it to the side until required once more.

Stage 2 Prepare the milk combination

Take a profound lined bowl and add margarine alongside caster sugar. Blend well in with a wooden spoon or elastic spatula. Then add dense milk to this combination. Blend once more.

Stage 3 Mix the milk and flour blend and manipulate a delicate batter

Consolidate the filtered flour combination (see step-1) with the dense milk blend and work into a smooth batter.

Move the batter to a bowl and cover it. Refrigerate it for 20 minutes. In the interim preheat your broiler at 160 degree Celsius.

Stage 4 Divide the mixture and shape into slight treats

Take out the treat batter from the cooler and gap it into little parcels. Straighten these parts into dainty circles utilizing your hands or moving pin.

Stage 5 Brush them with spread and put on the baking plate

Brush margarine on a baking plate and put the pre-arranged treats on it. Make a point to leave some in the middle between to permit the treats to rise and grow.

Stage 6 Bake for 30 minutes prior to serving

Prepare for thirty minutes or until the treats get a firm surface. Serve new! Do attempt this recipe, rate it and leave a remark underneath.


For giving your treats an equivalent and even shape, utilize a cutout or a sharp-edged steel glass tumbler.

You can likewise add 2 tsp cream of tartar to improve the flavor of these treats.
Go ahead and embellish the treats with granulated sugar.

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