How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

Meat Gravy Soup is a one pot dinner you can plan as and hors d’oeuvre. It is a fundamental mainland soup recipe which is ready with meat, cut onions, carrot, turnip and stock. This soup recipe is cherished by individuals of any age and is truly sound.

Meat Gravy Soup

How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

To make it considerably more delicious, you can utilize meat stock rather than water. This side dish can be filled in as a tasteful pot karma recipe that will, without a doubt, be savored by the entirety of your visitors. You can likewise decide to serve this on other happy events of your decision.

How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

To add on heavenly flavors to this soup, match it with toasted garlic bread and partake in your banquet. You can likewise sprinkle dark pepper powder on it to give it an additional a punch.

Elements of Beef Gravy Soup

4 Servings
450 gm meat pieces
250 gm cut carrot
2 cup veg stock
2 cup earthy colored stock
3 cut onion
250 gm cut turnip
salt as required

Instructions to make Beef Gravy Soup

Stage 1

Place the onions and vegetables in a huge stock pot, and add the endlessly meat stock on top.

Stage 2

Bring to a stew over low intensity for 30 minutes, mixing great.

How To Make A Meat Gravy Soup

Stage 3

At the point when the meat and vegetables look cooked, add the vegetable stock and season.

Stage 4

Take back to a stew and serve.

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