How To Make A Corn Kebab

How To Make A Corn Kebab

How To Make A Corn Kebab

This simple and speedy Corn Kebab formula will take your affection for corns to an alternate level through and through. Thus, simply attempt this formula and brighten up your extravagance!

Is your foodie soul hankering for something delectable? Then, at that point, here’s a liberal Kebab formula that you can get ready at home and dazzle your friends and family with your brilliant culinary abilities. Corn Kebabs have been around since quite a while and observably affect present day cooking with its assorted assortment of plans.

Corn Kebab

How To Make A Corn Kebab

For the vegans, there are innumerable plans for kebabs and one of them is the mouth-watering Corn Kebabs. Arranged utilizing rice flour, refined oil, green chilies, potatoes and the decency of corn, this formula makes certain to be a moment hit.

A decent wellspring of cell reinforcements, nutrients and minerals, corn is really great for a sound absorption. Serve this at potlucks, kitty gatherings, smorgasbords, or children’s birthday celebrations and charm your friends and family with its astonishing taste. Match this with a plunge or sauce that will improve the taste insight of this nibble formula.

Thus, while you’re longing for kebabs yet don’t need the unfortunate admission of outside food, attempt this formula of Corn Kebabs.

How To Make A Corn Kebab

Take out your container and flavors, and prepare to satisfy your sense of taste with something scrumptious. Assuming you partake in this formula, you can likewise evaluate our other veggie lover kebab plans : Paneer Kebab, Mushroom Kebab, or Potato Kebab.

Elements of Corn Kebab

2 cup frozen sweet corn
2 huge potato
refined oil as required

3 green stew
water as required
1/2 cup rice flour

1 small bunch coriander leaves
1 cup fenugreek leaves ( methi)
salt as required

Instructions to make Corn Kebab

wash and cop vegetables

Stage 1 Defrost sweet corn, wash and slash vegetables
To begin setting up this flavorful formula, begin by thawing out the sweet corn and afterward wash them under running water.

Then, at that point, take the coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, and the green chilies and wash them under running water as well. Utilizing a clean hacking board, cleave them up independently and keep to the side. bubble pieces

Stage 2 Boil sweet corn pieces and potato independently

Presently, take a dish over medium fire and add water in it. Then, at that point, add the sweet corn parts and bubble them till they get delicate.

While that bubbles, take a profound lined skillet and add water and the potato in it. Heat up this too until it turns delicate.

Channel the water from the two dish, then, strip and pound the potato and move the bubbled portions into a processor. Crush it into a brittle glue and keep to the side.

add different fixings

Stage 3 Mix squashed potato, corn glue and different fixings

Presently, take an enormous blending bowl and add the pounded potato as well as the corn glue in it.

Then, add the cleaved green chilies, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, rice flour, and salt and blend them completely. Then, partition the combination into little balls and smooth them with your palm to make tikkis.

present with plunge

Stage 4 Shallow fry kebabs and serve

Take a non-stick dish over medium fire and intensity oil in it. Then, at that point, move the pre-arranged kebabs onto it individually and shallow fry them till the two sides become brilliant brown

When every one of the kebabs are done, move them to a serving plate and match it with green chutney or any plunge of your decision. Serve hot and appreciate!


Try not to over heat up the corn else it will indulge the flavor of the kebab.

To make this dish more delectable, you can add some new disintegrated curds.

To emphasize the taste and flavor, you can add some garam masala, however dry meal the flavors and afterward use them this will give you dish a pleasant smell.

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