How To Make A Apple Stew

How To Make A Apple Stew

How To Make A Apple Stew

It is both a superb pastry in itself and furthermore an extraordinary base for different sweets as well. This rich apple stew can be matched with waffles or flapjacks and can be utilized while making fruity dessert or disintegrate.

Apple Stew

How To Make A Apple Stew

It can likewise be eaten with porridge and simmered meat as a delicious sauce. This recipe is so natural to make and uses only three fixings from the storage room apples, milk, and jaggery.

With extremely essential advances, this low-sodium and sans gluten dish can be ready in a jiffy. Thus, do check it out and make it for your next cookout or kitty party.

Elements of Stew

2 little apple
2 1/2 cup milk
4 teaspoon powdered jaggery

Step by step instructions to make Apple Stew

How To Make A Apple Stew

Stage 1 Chop the apples

To get ready apple stew, wash and strip the apples, and afterward slash them into little pieces. Place them in a bowl.

Stage 2 Add milk and microwave

Add milk to the apple bowl and microwave them at full power for about 4 minutes.

Stage 3 Add jaggery

Take it out and add powdered jaggery into this blend. Then, at that point, microwave it again for one more moment.

How To Make A Apple Stew

Stage 4 Blend in a blender

Allow it to chill off a bit and afterward mix it in a blender.

Stage 5 Strain and serve

At long last, strain the combination. Serve this apple stew warm. Attempt this super simple recipe, rate it and leave your remarks in the part beneath.

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