Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe. Something doesn’t add up about Chinese food that we as a whole slobber over! Without a doubt, Chinese tidbits are undeniably more flavorsome and lip-smacking when contrasted with different cooking styles. Thus, we considered offering to you an astonishing Chinese tidbit formula, which is basic yet intriguing and can be a convenient solution for your troublesome cravings for food.

Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

This firm chicken dish can be ready in a jiffy for certain effectively accessible fixings in your kitchen. Additionally, pair it with a few zesty sauce and Chicken Momos, and we bet your companions will cherish this marvelous treat. Honey Pepper Chicken is a scrumptious Chinese formula, which makes for a speedy starter formula for gatherings and festivities like birthday celebrations, social affairs, game evenings and potlucks. Serve it with some refreshments and charm your friends and family with your culinary abilities.

Fixings required for making Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

500 gm slashed chicken
120 gm flour
3 tablespoon squashed peppercorns
1 teaspoon ginger glue
120 gm cleaved capsicum ( green pepper)
4 tablespoon refined oil
2 teaspoon salt
120 gm corn flour
3 egg
150 gm honey
1 teaspoon garlic glue
1 modest bunch hacked spring onions
1 squeeze powdered dark pepper
1 teaspoon sesame seeds

Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

Instructions to make Honey Pepper Chicken Recipe

Stage 1 Mix dry fixings
Join the flour, corn flour, salt and pepper powder in a bowl.

Stage 2 Whisk eggs well
Take one more bowl and break the eggs into something very similar. Whisk them well. Add the chicken pieces in this egg blend and blend them well.

Stage 3 Fry chicken pieces
Heat oil in a dish over medium fire. Fry the chicken pieces until brilliant brown and eliminate and deplete the overabundance oil.

Stage 4 Saute onions and ginger-garlic
Heat oil in a dish over medium-high fire. Add sesame seeds and pan fried food briefly or somewhere in the vicinity. Presently, add half of the spring onions, ginger-garlic glue and saute until onions become brilliant.

Stage 5 Add capsicum and chicken pieces
Add the capsicum and saute briefly. Presently add singed chicken pieces and blend well.

Stage 6 Garnish and serve
Add honey, squashed peppercorns, salt and mix well. Decorate with the excess spring onions and serve hot. Attempt this simple formula and remember to rate it!

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