Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

Albeit finished hair is alluring, hardly any individuals comprehend how much exertion and time it takes to hold it under tight restraints. For this reason many individuals decide to rebond their hair.

In this article, we examine all that you ought to be familiar with hair rebonding, from its cycle to some mind tips to keep your hair solid and velvety. Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow.

Hair Rebonding

Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

This treatment not just makes finished hair straight, luxurious, glossy, and easy to make due, however it additionally saves your morning time when you would somehow or another be engaging with your braids. Keep perusing to find out more.

What Is Hair Rebonding?

Your hair is comprised of amino acids. These proteins are associated by bonds that decide the design of your hair – straight, wavy, or wavy.

Hair rebonding includes artificially loosening up your hair by separating these bonds and afterward reconstructing them to modify the construction of your hair.

The cycle begins with the use of a relaxant, which helps separate the protein securities in your hair. The hair is then fixed, and a neutralizer is applied, which reconstructs the bonds with a modified design.

How Is Hair Rebonding Done – The Hair Rebonding Process

Hair rebonding is an intricate cycle that integrates the utilization of synthetic substances and intensity to modify the construction of your hair.

Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

Contingent upon the length of your hair, the treatment can take from 3-8 hours. Coming up next are the means associated with the hair rebonding process.


A hair rebonding pack
A level iron with movable temperature settings
A blow dryer
A gentle cleanser


3-8 hours, contingent upon the length of the hair.


The beautician washes your hair with a gentle cleanser. The conditioner isn’t applied.
Your hair is then passed on to dry normally or blow-dry.

The beautician isolates the hair into areas, contingent upon the surface and volume. They examine the hair ahead of time to decide the relaxant utilized on the hair type.

Hair Rebonding: What Is It, Risks, And 13 Tips To Follow

The beautician applies a relaxant from the hair holding pack while the hair is held straight with the assistance of flimsy plastic sheets. They take care to apply the relaxant so it covers each strand.

The relaxant is then left on for 30 to 45 minutes, contingent upon the surface of the hair. It is persistently observed during this time.

The hair is then steamed for 10-40 minutes, contingent upon its condition, volume, surface, and so on.
The beautician continues to wash and profound condition the hair. Then, they dry the hair.

A keratin cream is applied, and the hair is fixed with a clay level iron at 180°C.
A neutralizer is applied to get the bonds and left on for 30 minutes.

It is then washed out with cold water.
The hair is blow-dried, a serum is applied, and the hair is fixed once again.

The rebonding system includes the utilization of intensity and brutal synthetic substances. Not long after the cycle, your hair turns out to be very helpless against harm and requires serious consideration.

Assuming your hair was rebonded as of late or on the other hand in the event that you are wanting to make it happen, here’s beginning and end you really want to be aware of really focusing on rebonded hair.

The most effective method to Take Care Of Rebonded Hair

Try not to Wash Your Hair For 72 Hours

This is really significant to remember when you get your hair rebonded. You can’t allow your hair to get wet, regardless. It requires around 3 days for your hair to sink into its new design, and washing it before that happens will leave you with sub-par results.

Surrender Hair Ties

The time has come to quit any pretense of tucking your hair behind your ear and utilizing fasteners or bobby pins.

Hair clasp can leave your recently rebuilt hair with wrinkles, which you need to stay away from at any expense.

Hit the sack With Straight Hair

This may be somewhat difficult to do, yet you really want to guarantee that your hair is for the most part straight when you hit the sack for three days prior to washing it. Keep away from whatever could make your hair lose its shape.

Take as much time as necessary With The Conditioning

At the point when the three days pass, and you can at long last wash your hair, guarantee you are utilizing a gentle cleanser that is exceptionally planned for synthetically treated hair.

Subsequent to washing your hair, slather on a few conditioner and stand by a couple of additional minutes so your hair can absorb some dampness.

Stay away from Heat Styling

Your hair has proactively been styled! On the off chance that you are positive that you can’t make due without a blow dryer, use it on the cool setting. Avoid heat as it will just harm your hair further.

Put Your Hair Coloring Plans On Pause

For the following a half year, think about substance medicines as the produce of Satan. This incorporates hair shading. You would rather not over-process your hair, and a half year is a lot of time for you to treat your hair with old fashioned TLC all things considered.

Try not to Skip The Trim

Hair rebonding implies endlessly harm implies split-closes. You really want to visit your beautician each 6 two months for manages. This will keep your hair solid by keeping the harm from going up the length of your hair.

Cold Showers Are Your Best Friends

The virus water helps seal your hair shafts, forestalling dampness misfortune and harm. This won’t just assist with keeping your hair adapted yet additionally work on the soundness of your hair while saving its sparkle.

On the off chance that you can’t deal with cold water showers, we suggest showering with tepid water. Keep away from warm or heated water.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

Guarantee that you are giving most extreme significance to keeping your scalp clean. An unfortunate scalp with obstructed follicles will prompt issues like dandruff and hair fall. To keep away from this, give yourself standard hot oil back rubs and wash your hair with a successful however gentle cleanser.

Try not to Wash Your Hair Too Often

Your hair needs however much dampness that it can get. To keep your hair sound, trim down on the times you wash it in seven days.

Guarantee to hold the number under 3-4 washes per week. You can continuously utilize dry cleanser to get yourself some additional in the middle between showers.

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