Guys Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Sex Story

Guys Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Sex Story

Guys Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Sex Story,

Most Embarrassing Sex Story

One time, I met a guy who instructed me, “If you do not snicker at the least once in the course of intercourse, you’re doing something incorrect.” (Cool, thanks for the unsolicited intercourse recommendation!). While I do not know if this is always real, I do recognise that more regularly than not, ridiculous matters happen in some unspecified time in the future throughout sex. I mean, when you’re that close to a person and handling unpredictable bodily functions, how are you no longer going to have a few slip-ups? For those 10 guys specifically, sexual encounters became hilarious, cringeworthy tales on the way to remind you that when it comes to embarrassing sex, we’ve got all been there.


“In university, my girlfriend and I have been going at it semi-quietly in her dorm room, as to no longer disturb her roommates. At one point, she moved down sincerely speedy and ending up slamming her head into mine, causing me to peer stars. Needless to say, that ended matters pretty speedy as I tried to get the sector to stop spinning. The worst part become her roommates heard the entirety and had been real involved with the pink spot on my forehead afterward.” —Hayden, 23

“One time while I turned into having Sex, I requested the female if she desired me to tug out. ‘Don’t fear, I might not get pregnant,’ changed into her reaction, observed by means of, ‘Even if I do, we’re going to have awesome-lovely infants.’ Not what you want to listen when you’re 18 years old.” —Dave, 22

“Sophomore 12 months of university, I had this roommate. We did not communicate an awful lot so once I desired to check if the room turned into clear to have someone over (wink, wink) I most effective asked our 1/3 roommate, now not the other one. So there I am going at it in our room and my change-pupil roommate walks inside the door. Bad enough as is, I was really having sex on his desk … Imagine coming home after a long day of sophistication to discover your roommate fucking a person right on your table. Awk.” —Dominic, 21

“Once I attempted to boost a blow process with Nutella. Turns out Nutella isn’t conducive to sucking dick or certainly doing whatever together with your mouth that does not contain swallowing said Nutella. Sex consultation devolved into laughter, blue balls, and the noticeably sleazy act of washing Nutella off myself in the bathe.” —Michael, 20

“We were both a touch inebriated. I may want to inform that she turned into frightened, so I advised her to allow me know if she changed into uncomfortable and we should forestall. She assured me that she was OK to preserve going. We have sex for a touch while, and she begins bleeding. I be aware first and do not make a massive deal out of it because it’s occurred to me before.

She is mortified. I let her use my bathe and inform her that she’s greater than welcome to spend the night if she’d like. She refuses, so I pressure her home. We texted a few instances after that but never spent time again. I find out a few weeks later that that turned into her first time having sex since excessive faculty, which without a doubt explains why she was so disillusioned.” —Adam, 22

“It turned into a one-night time stand after leaping around to a few parties. By the time we got returned to my place, it become four:30 a.M. And we have been nonetheless pretty inebriated. Between how worn-out I become and the alcohol, I couldn’t keep it up for extremely long, and we both ended up falling asleep unhappy.” —Andrew, 23

“We’re at the sofa watching a movie at her parents’ residence. And I am bulging, rock stable, equipped for her dad and mom to get to sleep so we can get to business. Finally, we pay attention the door near and wait a couple of minutes, and it’s go time. It starts with a few making out with some hands transferring underneath a blanket.

All clothes remained on, as to keep workable deniability. My hand crept down her pants, slowly … I retain to kiss her neck and use my palms. Until, out of nowhere, we hear her mom shout her call, tacking on, ‘Can you come right here for a 2nd?’ Next thing I know, she comes lower back, tomato crimson and says I gotta move. Turns out, her mom surely peeked in after saying true night time and watched this entire ordeal.” —Eric, 22

“We had been having quite preferred Sex, and I bet I did some thing proper due to the fact she jerked and ending up kneeing me in my hip, wherein I have an antique soccer harm. I straight away cried out in ache, and we had to prevent for the night.” —Matt, 22

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“After I spent the whole day helping my girlfriend of approximately 5 months flow out of her antique apartment, she and I headed over to my region for some ~on my own~ time. Unfortunately, we needed to convey her cat along too. While we started out watching a movie, the cat wandered outdoor of the room to discover.

Unsurprisingly, the film time quickly grew to become carnal, and we close the door. Right after final the door, she went down on me even as I became nevertheless status. Before long, I changed into pretty much geared up … after which we pay attention loud crashing and meows from the kitchen. I went limp right in my female friend’s mouth after which we both began guffawing.” —Peter, 24

“I had established with a woman for a one-night stand. We had been interrupted by way of her roommate who was the daughter of a very conservative preacher. I spent the rest of the night time getting passages examine to me from the Bible.” —Dylan, 22

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