Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe. Searching for an invigorating beverage? Then, at that point, attempt this fiery tart beverage which you can make in only a couple of moments for certain basic fixings.

Ginger Lemon Juice is a reviving beverage recipe which has the punch of ginger and the newness of lemon. It is an ideal summer drink and is a basic mocktail recipe that can be made in minutes. Both ginger and lemon have various medical advantages. Ginger has antibacterial and hostile to microbial properties and furthermore goes about as a stomach related.

Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Lemon is a stomach related as well and is a rich wellspring of Vitamin C. This drink isn’t simply invigorating yet additionally an optimal one to expand the resistance. Furthermore, you can likewise add your #1 fixings and transform this base into any sort of mocktail you like. For instance, top it with soft drink to make a bubbly beverage or add and jumble a few new mint leaves for a minty character. Ginger Lemon Juice recipe should be your most loved go to drink. Check it out!

Elements of Ginger Lemon Juice

1/2 cup lemon juice
2 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup Ice shapes
2 cup Water
2 piece ginger
salt as required
4 lemon wedges
6 leaves mint

Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Instructions to make Ginger Lemon Juice

Stage 1 Mix the fixings
Blend lemon squeeze, salt and sugar in a glass. Tangle well till the sugar breaks up totally. It is proposed to add rock salt for an improved character.

Stage 2 Add ginger
Pound ginger well and add to it, and add some chilled water. Preferably, you should finely grind the ginger and crush the juice out and add it to the glass. Except if you like the vibe of little ginger lumps in your mouth.

Stage 3 Mix in water and ice
Mix well and add some ice blocks. Decorate with lemon cut and serve. You can finish off it for certain mint leaves.

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