French Bread Toast Recipe

French Bread Toast Recipe

French Bread Toast Recipe. French Toast is a magnificent yet direct breakfast formula that can act the legend of all morning meal plans.

Organized with straightforward technique that you can manage without a very remarkable stretch and with the fixings that can be effectively found in your kitchen cabinet, this morning meal formula would be esteemed by youngsters and adults the same!

French Bread Toast Recipe


This is not difficult to-make formula that you can prepare for Sunday’s initial lunch, when you can’t endure those 12 PM hunger pulsates and you want to quickly make a dish.

Try not to stress since this French formula looks for your salvage.

A mouth-watering and flavorful dish, it is cooked with bread cuts, eggs, dark pepper, salt and spread.

Endeavor this simple formula and appreciate with your loved ones!

How to make French Toast

Stage 1

In the first place. Take a bowl and break the eggs in it.

Season it with salt and pepper. Beat the egg blend completely until yellowish and smooth.

Stage 2

Presently, heat spread in a non-stick dish.

Take the breads and dunk in the egg blend.

Put the bread cuts on the dish and cook until brilliant brown.

Whenever done, flip delicately and cook the opposite side also.

French Bread Toast Recipe

Stage 3

At the point when the bread cuts are cooked, serve it with ketchup or any most loved sauce of yours.

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