Fish Paella Recipe

Fish Paella Recipe

Fish Paella Recipe. A simple to-make fish recipe, Paella is a Spanish rice dish that is said to have begun in Valencia in eastern Spain. For the most part cooked on paella skillet, this Mediterranean recipe is very scrumptious and can be appreciated with garlic bread.

Fish Paella Recipe

Elements of Seafood Paella

2 Servings
1/2 kilograms soaked,washed and dried,parboiled brown basmati rice
25 gm squid
25 gm onion
100 ml fish stock
3 cloves cleaved garlic
5 gm powdered paprika
1/4 gm saffron

20 gm finely cleaved red pepper
20 gm finely cleaved capsicum (green pepper)
250 gm mussels
25 gm prawns
1 squeeze salt
25 ml refined oil
1/4 teaspoon bean stew pieces
25 gm dark olives
1 inch cleaved ginger

20 gm finely cleaved yellow pepper
20 gm peas
For Garnishing
10 gm parsley

Fish Paella Recipe

Instructions to make Seafood Paella

Stage 1
To make this simple fish recipe, wash and splash the parboiled rice and keep it to the side. Presently in a thick-base skillet, put a few oil and saute onion, garlic, ginger and stew pieces. Then, at that point, add mussels, squid and prawns in the container. Saute this large number of fixings, add rice and mix.

Stage 2
Presently put the fish stock alongside saffron and paprika preparing. Cook every one of the fixings till you get a khichdi like consistency. Add finely hacked chime peppers, green peas and dark olives. Cook this blend for 1-2 moment on low fire. Once finished, move the dish to a serving bowl and embellishment the cooked fish with parsley. It tastes the best when presented with garlic bread.

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