Few steps to make Pancake Cereal

Few steps to make Pancake Cereal

Few steps to make Pancake Cereal.TikTok meals developments come, and TikTok meals traits will in all likelihood cross. It can be a while earlier than we discover whether or not dalgona coffee, five-factor chocolate chip cookies and carrot bacon have any staying electricity at all. But here’s hoping pancake cereal in no way leaves us.

After watching about a gazillion TikTok motion pictures wherein humans made cute little pancakes and gobbled them hungrily out of a bowl – continually with syrup, often with milk, on occasion with a photogenic pat of butter or a sprinkling of sparkling fruit – I determined to try to make the viral meals myself. And you understand what? It become pretty darn top!

Any Pancake Batter Will Work
You should in all likelihood make this with just about any pancake recipe. Some human beings on TikTok have even used shop-offered mixes, however seriously, how difficult is it to make your own batter? I used this Food Network Kitchen pancakes recipe. Some TikTokers have dressed up their cereal pancakes with sprinkles, with festive consequences, but I think anything larger than that (blueberries, chocolate chips) could likely gum up the works.

You Don’t Need a Squeeze Bottle
You significantly don’t want whatever unique to make pancake cereal. I used a flat, round nonstick pan and a gallon-size resealable plastic bag, into which I poured the pancake batter after which snipped just the teensiest bit off of one of the bottom corners, to let the batter escape.

(I also attempted a piping syringe I found in the lower back of my pantry, however it produced basically the identical effects. A squeeze bottle probable could had been best for creating best little pancakes, however I didn’t have one.)

A Little Practice Never Hurts
It was no longer fantastic clean, at the start, to govern the drips in order that they might make tiny, dime-size circles, however I were given the hold of it. (Try working towards a chunk on a plate before placing batter to a hot pan or skillet for exceptional consequences.)

Eventually, though, I decided random little shapes and squiggles had been more a laugh and made those instead. I cooked the teensy pancakes ’til they have been golden brown on one side after which did my satisfactory to turn them over, but they form of clumped collectively. It simply didn’t be counted, ultimately; they still ended up cooked thru, with a velocity that is ideal for the impatient (like me).

Milk, Syrup – or Both?
After admiring how lovely the pancake cereal seemed, I attempted it with syrup. The bits were delicious, even though, if I were being choosy, I would possibly notice that the syrup kind of beaten the teeny pancakes (the greater floor vicinity maybe modified the usual pancake-syrup ratio) and ended up pooling at the lowest of my bowl. For the following batch, I went with both milk and syrup, and that was also tasty.

You’ve were given to eat it rapid, although, or the little pancakes get soggy. But definitely, hungrily gobbling the pancake cereal down was hardly ever a complication.

Few steps to make Pancake Cereal
Few steps to make Pancake Cereal

Few steps to make Pancake Cereal

Mini pancake cereal is a TikTok fashion that places an lovely twist on two of your favorite breakfast foods. Pancakes and cereal! Loads of heat crispy pancakes served in a bowl with a drizzle of maple syrup and a pad of melting butter!

Syrup being poured on a bowl of pancake cereal.

Everyone desires lovable mini meals, mainly inside the morning. Mini pancakes, in a cereal bowl, served hot with a pad of melting butter and deliciously sweet maple syrup. This would put a grin on all people’s face! Bonus points for an iced vanilla latte at the aspect!

This viral TikTok fashion has end up more and more popular and when something is this ultra-modern you realize it has to be well worth attempting. Kind of like feta pasta, s’mores cereal, nature’s cereal, pesto eggs, baked oatmeal, or Dalgona whipped espresso…both are suitable, and so are mini pancakes!

This is not crispy cereal that just tastes like pancakes. These are genuinely teeny tiny crispy bites of heat pancakes that come up with all of the comforts of your conventional stack however with a fun little twist!

The batter comes together in mins, the use of a homemade Bisquick blend, which makes it even less complicated. The only delivered tool you need is both a squeeze bottle or a Ziploc bag with the nook reduce. And that’s it! The relaxation is your conventional home made pancake recipe. There is a chunk more time had to turn that many little discs, but the end sport is so well worth it.

Close up view of tiny pancakes.
Serve with any of your preferred classic pancake toppings, and it’s as much as you whether you need to feature a touch milk! They gets soggy so in case your youngsters are slower eaters, you would possibly need to stick to a touch powder sugar and some sweet maple syrup. All that’s left is to decide whether you’re going to devour this lovable breakfast with a fork or a spoon!

Homemade Bisquick blend – Spooned and leveled. A excellent smooth mix prepare in mins. Make masses and maintain the relaxation for other recipes. Of route you can use save-bought as nicely, but we like using selfmade!
Whole milk – Milk with a better fat content material will upload richness to the batter. You can substitute with different forms of milk, but preserve in thoughts they’ll alternate the very last end result.

Egg – You’ll want simply 1 for this recipe.
Granulated sugar – Since Bisquick blend doesn’t consist of sugar you’ll need to add it in for sweetness.
Vanilla extract – Always a warming element in pancakes which gives it a nice flavor.
Butter – A pad of butter for serving in a heat bowl of tiny pancakes. So right!
Maple syrup – For serving, together with any other toppings you choice.
Overhead view of elements: Milk, bisquick, vanilla, sugar, egg.

Nonstick Griddle
Offset Spatula
Squeeze Bottles

In a huge blending bowl, whisk collectively the ingredients till combined with minimum lumps. Normally lumps inside the batter wouldn’t be a horrific aspect, but, you want it fairly clean to get via the small establishing of the bottle.

TIP! You want the batter to be at the thicker facet, however also easily pourable. If it’s far too runny that’s a hassle, however if it’s too thin, that’s also a trouble! Pay near interest to the recipe instructions and consider to level off the pancake blend when measuring.

Pancake batter in a stainless steel blending bowl.
Transfer the batter to a squeeze bottle and preheat a griddle.

Pancake batter in a squeeze bottle.
Use the bottle to squirt nickel-sized dollops of batter on the griddle, about 20 at a time.

Pancake batter being placed on a griddle in small amounts using a squeeze bottle.
Cook them for 1 minute till they bubble up on top and start to look dry round the edges.

Pancake cereal on a griddle, equipped to be flipped.
Use a spatula to turn them and cook dinner for an extra 15 seconds.

Offset spatula flipping mini pancakes.

Who commenced pancake cereal?
Depending on who you ask, names are at the forefront of who created this TikTok recipe. Both Melanie Locke and Sydney Melhoff come up frequently while you investigate who created this. The net went loopy when they each made a video of their pancake cereal adventures. The reality is we might also by no means know who certainly did it first.

How to keep away from burning mini pancakes?
You’re working with much less surface region and a faster cook dinner time, so it’s a bit less complicated for those little guys to burn. For normal pancakes, it’s no massive deal to apply butter on a nonstick griddle, but in the case of pancake cereal, you would possibly need to stick with oil or a nonstick spray as the butter has a lower heat point and may start to brown speedy. This may additionally make your pancakes look burnt even earlier than they clearly are.

To make a gluten-unfastened model of pancake cereal use a gluten-free all-cause or buckwheat flour. They are small so that you want a flour so one can maintain its shape.

Serve with fresh fruit consisting of sliced strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, right in the bowl!
For special activities, pinnacle with a few whipped cream and sprinkles.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup or caramel sauce and function a a laugh dessert!
Add a few cinnamon to the batter for an brought layer of delicious, similar to those cinnamon pancakes.
If you don’t have a squeeze bottle (or any smooth empty condiment bottle) use a Ziploc plastic bag with the corner snipped. Don’t snip off an excessive amount of, just a totally small nook!

Overhead view of mini pancakes in a bowl with butter, a small container of syrup and milk close by.
As with most pancake batters, it’s a terrific idea to use it inside the first 1/2 hour of making it. This batter comes together so quickly that if you can assist avoid making it too some distance earlier, try not to. Otherwise, once your completed pancakes are cooled, you could honestly freeze them for up to three months and thaw when you’re prepared to serve them.

This adorable mini pancake cereal will hold in the fridge in an hermetic container for up to four days.

If you have got lots to reheat at a time, you could want to vicinity them on a sheet pan inside the oven at 350ºF for 7-10 mins to heat thru. Smaller batches may be tossed within the microwave or toaster oven to be enjoyed all over again.


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