Fenugreek Laccha Parathas Recipe

Fenugreek Laccha Parathas Recipe

Fenugreek Laccha Parathas Recipe. Parathas are a staple food of North Indian cooking and there isn’t anything better than delectable paratha with spread or some sauce.

They are healthy, nutritious and unquestionably heavenly.

Fenugreek Laccha Parathas Recipe

They are likewise incredibly adaptable and can be made in an assortment of ways with a variety of fillings.

Methi Laccha Paratha is one very yummy method for causing your children to eat nutritious veggies.

They are made with quite fresh layers accomplished by pleasantly searing them in a few oil. Methi gives the parathas an exceptionally reviving and particular flavor.

You can have these parathas with anything you like. You can have them with some occasional subzi, green chutney, tea or a glass of milk.

You can top the parathas with a dissolved margarine to improve their taste.

These parathas additionally make for an extraordinary tiffin formula with some achaar.

On the off chance that you are anticipating going out for an outing or taking a train venture then, at that point, pressing a portion of these parathas would be really smart.

Add a contort to your standard parathas and attempt these parathas.

These Parathas are a finished dinner all alone and taste best when served hot.

Attempt these Laccha paratha today and give your family an astonishment at the morning meal table.

Follow this straightforward formula and serve your Methi Laccha Paratha today.

How to make Methi Laccha Parathas

Stage 1

First you really want to set up the batter for the parathas.

Pleasantly wash the methi or fenugreek leaves and cleave them.

Take enormous bowl and add wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, yogurt, salt and one teaspoon oil in it.

Massage into a delicate batter by utilizing water.

Stage 2

Add the remainder of the oil in the mixture and work once more.

Keep the batter to the side covered with a soggy fabric.

Next make chunks of this mixture.

Stage 3

Fold the balls into parathas.

Crease the parathas like a saree is creased starting with one end then onto the next.

Then, at that point, structure then into a balls again and roll into a paratha.

Fenugreek Laccha Parathas Recipe

Fenugreek Laccha Parathas

Stage 4

Take a container or a tava and heat it.

Add a few ghee and let it dissolve.

Then, at that point, put each paratha in turn and fry until the paratha is well cooked.

Your Methi Laccha Paratha are prepared.

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