Fabulous peanut poori recipe

Fabulous peanut poori recipe

Fabulous peanut poori recipe

Fabulous peanut poori recipe. Poori is a rotisserie bread, beginning from the Indian subcontinent. It is produced using wheat flour and refined flour. Had for breakfast or as a bite, it is typically presented with an appetizing curry or bhaji. Fabulous peanut poori recipe is a South Indian formula made with the integrity of peanuts. Peanuts are loaded with solid fats and great protein. Peanuts poori recipie are low in carbs.

Fabulous peanut

4 cup wheat flour
4 squeezes salt
2 cup crude peanuts
3 teaspoon Red stew powder
For Dough
1/2 cup Water
For The Main Dish
2 cup sunflower oil

Fabulous peanut poori recipe

Stage 1
In any case, pressure cook the crude peanuts and drudgery them to a fine glue.

Stage 2
Add salt and enough water to wheat flour. Ply well to a malleable batter.

Stage 3
Blend the nut glue and red stew powder in a bowl. Keep to the side.

Stage 4
Manipulate it to a delicate batter utilizing proper measure of tepid water. When done, partition it into equivalent divides and roll each piece in a state of balls.

Stage 5
Add a portion of the nut combination and overlay well. Utilizing the leftover dry flour, roll the balls in a state of pooris. Roll all the pooris from the excess balls. In the interim, heat oil in a kadhai.

Stage 6
Fry the arranged pooris until brilliant brown. Allow it to puff and afterward, tenderly flip it and cook from the opposite side too. Eliminate and deplete overabundance oil.

Stage 7
You can serve these nut poori with any side dish of your decision.

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