Egg Roast Dosa Recipe

Egg Roast Dosa Recipe

Egg Roast Dosa Recipe . Dosa is one of the most famous South Indian recipes which is cherished by all.

From masala dosa and Chinese dosa to paneer dosa and chocolate dosa, Egg Roast Dosa Recipe are a plenty of dosa variations accessible.

Roast Dosa

Egg Roast Dosa Recipe

In the event that you also are a dosa fan and love exploring different avenues regarding its flavors, then this protein-rich egg dosa recipe is only for you.

Made with egg, dosa player and red bean stew powder, this dosa recipe will give a scrumptious wind to the customary dosa recipe.

Egg Roast Dosa Recipe is a very solid recipe and will be adored by individuals, all things considered.

Simply pair it with some coconut chutney and appreciate!

How to make Egg Dosa

Stage 1 Pour the dosa player on a container

Utilize the readymade dosa player for this reason.

Keep a tawa on medium intensity and pour the dosa player on it.

Spread it in roundabout movements and give the state of a dosa.

Stage 2 Prepare the egg combination

Beat an egg in a bowl. Add salt and red bean stew powder to it. Presently pour the egg combination on the dosa.

Stage 3 Cook from the two sides

Pour a couple of drops of oil around the dosa. Presently turn the dosa to the opposite side.

Stage 4 Serve hot

Once cooked from the two sides, your egg dosa is fit to be served.

Appreciate it hot with some coconut chutney as an afterthought.

Egg Roast Dosa Recipe

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