Egg Flavored Appam Recipe

Egg Flavored Appam Recipe

Egg Flavored Appam Recipe. South Indian dishes are scrumptious as well as solid too. Egg Flavored Appam justification for why many individuals succumb to this food is on the grounds that there is a perfect proportion of harmony among flavors and fixings that are utilized to set them up.

One such dish is Egg Flavored Appam, which resembles a hotcake. Generally ready with aged rice player and coconut milk, here the appam is made utilizing eggs, ground coconut, wheat flour and universally handy flour. It is a simple to-make dish that doesn’t require some investment and exertion. Indeed, you can add your own spot of flavors to make this delicacy intriguing.

Egg Flavored Appam Recipe

Likewise, the extraordinary taste of egg amps up the flavor of this enjoyment! In this way, attempt it and express gratitude toward us later!

Egg Flavored Appam Recipe

Elements for recipe

  • 9 egg
  • 2 cup wheat flour
  • sugar as required
  • 15 cashews
  • 2 salt as required
  • 2 cup universally handy flour
  • 2 cup ground coconut
  • 8 green cardamom
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking pop
  • refined oil as required

Egg Flavored Appam

Step by step instructions to make recipe

Stage 1 Mix the fixings

Filter together the generally useful flour, wheat flour, salt and baking pop. Blend well. Break the eggs into the flours and blend well. Add sugar, cardamoms, coconut and cashew nuts. Blend until very much consolidated. Add a little water on the off chance that the hitter is thick. Cover and save to the side for 15 to 20 minutes.

Stage 2 Prepare appams

Heat a tawa over medium fire. Pour a ladleful of the player. Cook on the two sides adding a little oil.

Stage 3 Ready to be served

Once cooked, put on a serving plate and serve.

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