Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom.Porabari is a hamlet in the Tangail district of Bangladesh, on the banks of the Dhaleshwari River. It was a wealthy business centre, for the reason that technology of the British Raj. This location is famous not simplest as a commercial enterprise centre however also being the birthplace of the famous Chom chom.

Porabarir Chom chom is well-known for its burnt brick coloration and for its juicy indoors, that tastes like honey. It is said the standard burnt brick coloration got here from caramelized sugar. Even Tangail, the area known for its Tangail sarees, were given a share inside the pie for Porabari’s Chom chom repute.

Legends say, the village changed into named Porabari, due to the fact the house of a sweet maker become burnt down whilst making these sweets. As pora in Bengali means burnt and bari stands for residence, it’s far all but quite herbal that the birthplace of Chom chom came to be known as Porabari. There turned into once a ghat at Porabari on the banks of Dhaleshari River.

Steamers, launches and big cargo ships anchored there. Men of different position and flavor used to come to Porabari. Once, Porabari became a thriving commercial enterprise centre where rich human beings lived. The fame of the Porabari Chom chom is not a depend of new years. It has been reigning for multiple and half of century.

There is little proof like makers of rosogolla, to prove who from Porabari first started out making Chom chom. However, villagers claim a candy maker known as Dasharath first made this sweet in his village. The Ghosh and Pal groups of the village are nonetheless involved in candy making. It is also believed the flavor and flavour of the Porabari Chom chom came from the candy waters of the Dhaleshwari River. The candy of Tangail has a mystery recipe. This is whyothers didn’t make goodies as first-rate as that of Porabari.

At present, Chom chom is a very popular sweet in both Bangladesh and West Bengal. The form of the candy is commonly oval and apart from the brownish tinge, Chom chom is made in a diffusion of colours including light purple, mild yellow and white. It is at times covered with coconut or mawa flakes as garnish. Some candy-makers of Tangail nevertheless hold directly to their Chom chom recipes. The sons and grandsons of Khuka Ghosh of Pach-Ali bazaar are always equipped with sparkling and pure Chom chom. West Bengal’s sweetmakers have also derived their proposal from the Ghosh and Pals, some of whom are their forefathers.

Prep time Cook time Total time
30 minutes 30 mins 1 hours zero mins

For Chenna (Paneer):
five cups Full Cream Milk (Preferably Cow Milk)
1-2 tablespoons Lemon juice or white vinegar
For Sugar Syrup:
five cups water
2 cups sugar
For Mawa Stuffing:
1 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter)
1/4 cup crumbled mawa/khoya (milk solids)
five tablespoons saffron milk (soak beaten saffron in hot milk for 1 hour)
5 tablespoons cream
2 tablespoons sugar or as in line with taste
half of teaspoon cardamom powder
For Assembling Chum Chum:
Desiccated coconut
Chopped blanched pistachios
Glazed cherries or tutti frutti

 Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom
Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Easy Way To Prepare Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Making Chenna:
Add complete cream cow milk to a thick bottom pan and boil it.Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Once it’s miles boiling, you then upload a few lemon juice or vinegar to curdle it. Stir well.
When you spot the greenish whey separated from the solids, then your milk is curdled. (You can use this whey for making chapati dough).Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Line a strainer/colander with a cheese/muslin material.
Strain the curdled milk via the coated strainer.Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Rinse it nicely with ice-bloodless water or underneath bloodless strolling water.
Now gather the cloth from the sides.
Remove all of the water by squeezing the fabric.Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Now you’ve got your chenna/paneer (coagulated milk) ready. Chenna ­wishes to be dried properly for this Chum Chum recipe. So hold the fabric for 45 mins to put off extra water.

Making Chenna (Paneer) Dough:
Once the dough is hanged for approximately 45 mins, dispose of the chenna out from the cloth.
Knead it well for approximately 8-10 minutes or until dough forms.Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom

Paneer dough is prepared when it starts leaving the fat. At this factor, your fingers are greasy. You also can use a food processor for kneading.Bengali-Style Sweet Chom Chom
Shaping Chum Chum:

Divide the dough into eight-10 same pieces. Take one portion between the hands of your arms and roll into a four inch cylindrical or oval shape. Smoothen the rolls and make certain that there are no cracks.
Repeat the same to make extra ovals. Set them aside.

Making Sugar Syrup:
Add 2 cups sugar, five cups water to a massive pot.
Stir with a spatula, and allow the water boil for 8-10 minutes. (You do not want to search for any thread consistency.)

Sugar syrup is ready for cooking pal friend.
Cooking Chum Chum:
Once the syrup has boiled, lightly drop the cheese rolls into it and cowl it.
Cook covered for 10 minutes on excessive warmth. Turn the warmth to medium-low after 10 minutes, and cook dinner for 5 mins.

Let them cool completely at room temperature.
Making Mawa Stuffing:
Heat 1 tablespoon ghee in pan over medium warmness.
Add 1/four cup crumbled mawa to it.

Sauté for 1 minute and add saffron milk (crushed saffron strands soaked in heat milk.)
Once the mawa melts, add the cream and cook dinner for 5-7 minutes over medium-low warmth.
Add sugar and mix the whole thing well.

Once the aggregate starts to thicken, add cardamom powder and blend nicely.
Cook for two extra mins. Make sure to notlet it grow to be dry absolutely, due to the fact this aggregate thickens after cooling.
Once cooked, Let it cool completely at room temperature.
Assembling Chum Chum:
Once the buddy pal has cooled off, dispose of chum pal from sugar syrup and press it lightly between your palms to take out the more syrup. Make a lengthwise slit halfway through, the usage of a knife.
Fill it with the cooled mawa stuffing and smoothen the pinnacle.

Roll it over desiccated coconut.
Top buddy friend with a few chopped pistachios and glazed cherries. Repeat steps 1-four to make all the friend buddy.
Serve friend pal chilled as an aftermeal dessert.

Do now not stir pal chum with a spoon at the same time as boiling, oe else they’ll disintegrate.
You can also upload a few rose or kewara essence to the dough for a fragrant floral taste.
I did now not upload any binder (flour) to the paneer due to the fact I like spongy buddy chum. But a few humans like to add arrowroot powder, all-reason flour (maida), cornstarch, or maybe semolina (suji) to get a firm texture. If you also want a stiff texture of Chum buddy, then add 1 tablespoon of any of the above binders to the crumbled paneer earlier than kneading it


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