Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card. Here’s Yours

Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card. Here’s Yours

Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card. Here’s Yours,

Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card

To get more particular, the Major Arcana consists of 22 playing cards that represent your religious direction and journey. And each one also represents a zodiac sign—some of the symbolism within the Rider-Waite-Smith-fashion decks (it truly is the maximum popular tarot deck, , the one with a skeleton using a horse for Death and a woman in an tricky gown for the Empress) pertains to a specific zodiac sign. But even in in another way designed decks, like ours, the connection continues to be there—it’d just no longer be as visually apparent.

Along with getting a lovely tattoo of your card or looking for tarot-inspired jewelry, you can meditate on its meaning to level up for your existence, keep away from capability drama, entice your dream associate, and step into your superpowers. Channel the electricity of your tarot card under.

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The stoic Zodiac daddy of Tarot is the fourth card of the Major Arcana, the Emperor. The Emperor represents authority, power, basis, and management. Just look at the man! In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, he sits on his large stone throne adorned with four rams’ heads, symbolizing his reference to hearth signal Aries. This card needs interest while it’s far pulled in a analyzing, just like you, Aries. In The Emperor’s proper hand, he holds an ankh, the Egyptian symbol for life, and in his left is an orb, representing the world over which he policies.

You can embrace the Zodiac Emperor’s impact by means of being the Aries boss b*tch we all recognise and love. By bringing Emperor-like shape, and field on your existence and relationships you will find your achievement. When it comes to intercourse and love, you want to be *on pinnacle*, so locate yourself an Empress: A ride-or-die boo who appreciates your electricity and stamina. Step into your strength, Aries bb, and channel the Emperor’s strength.


Wait, what’s a hierophant? It’s a Greek word for “high priest” (~the greater you realize~), and this card is every so often also called the Pope. The Hierophant is kinda like the religious guide of the tarot. With excessive holier-than-thou vibes, the Hierophant symbolizes organization, group, and following the path to knowledge. In his left hand, he holds a triple scepter, representing domination over remember and emotion and notion.


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The Hierophant is the 5th card of the Major Arcana, a number of that represents creativity and joy within the material international. It’s additionally a special quantity for zodiac Venus, your ruling planet. Taurus governs the physical global, sensuality, pride, and cloth things—no person knows how to indulge such as you do.

Use the strength of this card to remember the fact that you could accomplish excellent matters with determination and hard paintings. You’re a grasp writer, and with time (and you do take your candy, candy time), you will make your mark on the world. You Zodiac vibe the excellent with someone spiritual who appreciates your tough work. You’re a steeply-priced bull, so find you an S.O. With the intention to additionally admire the finer matters in lifestyles.


Your Zodiac card is a fun one, Gemini. Everyone receives excited when they see the Lovers pop up in a reading. This card represents subjects of the heart, but it’s additionally about having options—the 2 lovers represent Adam and Eve, symbolizing the energy of duality.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, Adam is asking forward, displaying the bodily, even as Eve is gazing upward, displaying the intuitive. When those two energies integrate, they invent one complete, much like the twins that represent you inside the zodiac. They’re standing in front of the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, telling you that there are always two sides to each scenario.

Use the energy of this card to determine for your private price gadget and what you may and won’t stand for. Call upon the strength of the Lovers to stand true in your very own philosophy of existence, and to draw the proper companions that align together with your price gadget. Above all else, use the energy of this card to stay present and find ~balance~.


You’re the warrior of the tarot,zodiac Cancer bb! The Chariot is your card, making you sense sturdy, pushed, and brave whilst you channel its strength. For Cancer, it is all approximately the feels! And once Cancer is drawn to some thing or a person emotionally, they will do some thing it takes to win.

In many Rider-Waite-Smith-style tarot decks, we see two sphinxes which might be coloured black and white, a image of opposing forces that the charioteer need to learn to manipulate. The river within the history is symbolic of the want to be inside the flow of the rhythm of existence.

This card is all about pushing beyond obstacles and driving your manner to victory just like the blazing pressure you’re. Since you’re a water sign, you need trade to adapt, but it can be hard for you. The Chariot is right here to encourage you while you certainly just need to stay for your shell.

I know it’s heat and comfortable in there, but use this card to manual you in the direction of your largest dreams. Take price toward your goals in life like the Chariot and be inside the cosmic go with the flow of the Universe. Remember, love continually wins!


With that ambitious, lovely roar you have got, Leo, it must come as no wonder that your card is Strength. Strength is all about overcoming difficulties in our lives through deep braveness, power, and fortitude. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a woman petting a lion on its forehead underneath a golden sky. Despite the reality that the lion seems threatening, the female appears to have domination over it. You have the power to preserve the jaws of a lion, Leo, and your magic is limitless.

The wide zodiac variety related to this card is eight, which additionally represents the infinity symbol, talking to countless possibilities, self-mastery, and how karma is at once tied to the victory you are seeking. Remember the energy of the lion while you stumble upon any profession or courting hiccups. Find an S.O.

That helps you to take the lead and trusts in your energy. You are destined for achievement, Leo, so be courageous and boldly pursue your passions and desires. But don’t forget, kitty cat, your success will come from compassion, most of all.


Your card represents one of the most crucial parts of your adventure, zodiac Virgo. The Hermit is a robust force of religious insight and expertise that comes from within. In the cardboard, we normally see an elder in the front of a mountain, symbolizing recognition and deep commitment to a purpose. In order to hook up with your cause, you should take some time to pay attention on your internal voice, and every now and then this could name for a touch solitude and R&R as you escape from the sector.

As one of the most committed and toughest-operating signs of the zodiac, you may boldly make changes on your existence to align with your higher purpose, hopes, and desires. Manifest the electricity of the Hermit and take time for introspection. The zodiac Hermit is also a calling to proportion your expertise with others, so unfold that sweet information, Virgo!

In relationships, you need to be given area and recognize to locate your inner calling. Look for a partner who can get down with your values and is ready for shrewd conversations and debates. Try not to look for an appropriate accomplice both—remain open to gifts the universe would possibly convey you. Remember that once in a while what you ask for doesn’t come in the package you expect.


Balance is your superpower, Libra, so it’s no wonder that your tarot card is Justice. You have a mission, and the sector needs you. Equilibrium keeps you afloat, as does your integrity. Just like the scales inside the picture, remember that instinct have to also be in balance with logic. Justice is the eleventh card in the Major Arcana, and to resonate at the extent of the numerology master variety 11, you have to reach a fairly high kingdom of non secular evolution.

You have some big footwear to fill, Libra, and you’re the right character for the activity! Not most effective will you be the boss babe that you are, but you’ll additionally display up carrying the pleasant outfit within the room!

In love, you need honesty, admire, loyalty, and, most importantly, patience out of your partner. In relationships remember the fact that your companions are a replicate of what you’ve got been giving energetically to others. In profession make sure to maintain reciprocity and altruism, , scratch my bike I’ll scratch yours! Always depend upon your scales and recognise that karma has your again.


As one of the maximum powerful and provocative signs within the zodiac (sure, congrats), your card is Death, representing transformation and rebirth. Not best are you the sex queen of the zodiac, however because the ruler of Death, you’ve additionally were given some significantly witchy vibes.

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, Death is represented through a skeleton in armor, riding a horse. The skeleton represents the a part of the body that survives lengthy after lifestyles has left it, and the armor symbolizes invincibility due to the fact you may never be conquered, Scorpio!

You recognize how to transmute the pain you enjoy into love greater than every other zodiac signal. Meditate in this card to become the exceptional version of yourself and rework into whoever you need to be.

Your card is related to the wide variety 13, that is a magical quantity of purification. You’re a fluid, watery creature, and in relationships, you want to take delivery of the distance to conform and exchange. You also want depth and loyalty that mirrors your intensity and wild ambitious heart. At any point, you could rise from the ashes and run the world, Scorpio.

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