Do You Know That My Favorite is Chili Garlic Fries

Do You Know That My Favorite is Chili Garlic Fries

Chili Garlic Fries Recipe

Do You Know That My Favorite is Chili Garlic Fries. To patch up the exemplary commonplace french fries then, at that point, supplant it with the lip-smacking Chili Garlic French Fries formula.

Do You Know That My Favorite is Chili Garlic Fries

Chili Garlic Fries Recipe basic formula is a hot wind to the ordinary french fries and will be incredible for somebody who adores additional flavor in their food.

Made with straightforward fixings, for example, potato, salt, margarine and garlic, Chili Garlic Fries Recipe simple to-make formula will arise as a genuine champ in your family.

Pair this dish with a customary cup of tea and cheer the supper with your loves ones!

How to make Chili Garlic Fries

Stage 1

To make this heavenly Chili Garlic Fries formula, wash and clean the potatoes.

Slash them into long vertical cuts and keep them to the side until required once more.

Stage 2

Keep a profound lined skillet on medium fire and add water in it.

Add the cleaved potatoes followed by salt in the water.

Permit the potatoes to be parboiled. Whenever it is done, channel the water and keep the potatoes to the side.

Stage 3

Then, at that point, in a non-stick container, add margarine and hotness it on medium fire.

When the margarine softens, add slashed garlic and saute briefly.

Switch off the fire and move the combination into a blending bowl.

Stage 4

In a profound lined container, heat refined oil on medium hotness.

Add the parboiled potatoes cuts in the oil and profound fry them until they get fresh in surface and brilliant brown in shading.

Move them on a tissue to eliminate overabundance oil.

Stage 5

Then, at that point, add the broiled potatoes to the pre-arranged garlic blend .

Blend well and sprinkle stew powder over it.

Blend again until the fries get totally covered with the combination. Serve hot!

Ethakka Upperi (Banana Chips) Recipe

Ethakka Upperi (Banana Chips) is a simple to-make South Indian formula that is ready with crude or unripe bananas, turmeric and salt.

This is a sound nibble formula that can be served at any social gathering and is a solid option in contrast to singed potato chips.

Do You Know That My Favorite is Chili Garlic Fries

Serve it to your children whenever of the day! You can savor it with a virus drink or even some hot tea/espresso.

It is a lip-smacking formula that won’t just satisfy your desire for food yet in addition fill in as a treat as you would prefer buds.

To get this flavorful dish right, simply take a look at the simple to-follow steps referenced here.

You and your visitors will cherish it without a doubt. Appreciate!

How to make Ethakka Upperi (Banana Chips)

Stage 1 Add stripped bananas in chilly water

Strip the bananas and put them in salted cold water. Slash the bananas and add turmeric into it.

Stage 2 Soak the hacked bananas in cool water for 8-10 minutes

Save the cleaved bananas in cool water for 8-10 minutes and afterward empty out the water totally. Move to a dry fabric to eliminate all the dampness.

Stage 3 Deep fry the dried banana cuts

Heat some oil in a skillet over medium fire till it’s steaming hot. Profound fry the cuts till they are firm. Add a couple of cuts all at once.

Stage 4 Drain the singed chips on spongy paper and store in a sealed shut holder

Rehash the methodology for the leftover cuts. Channel the chips on retentive paper. Cool and store them in a water/air proof holder.

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