DIY home solution for ease up my underarms

DIY home solution for ease up my underarms

DIY home solution for ease up my underarms. Generally of my life, I have shaved my underarms. Shaving is a fast, modest and object free method for eliminating underarm hair. I wear t know whether it the regular shaving was to be accused, however my underarms had consistently had thick, coarse hair.

DIY home solution for ease up my underarms

Shaving underarms would assist me with disposing of the hair, yet I would constantly wind up with dim patches. Wearing sleeveless or tank tops was not feasible in light of the fact that I was excessively humiliated of my dull underarms. At the point when I asked the cosmetologist at my salon for an answer, she promptly proposed that I fade my underarms. That didn t help me by any stretch of the imagination. This is the point at which I began searching for home solutions for ease up underarms.

Similarly as with most home cures, I figured this would require some investment to show results as well. Fortunately, this DIY home cure made all the difference. You should simply apply this consistently for around fourteen days. You ll most certainly see a distinction. Here are a few other home solutions for ease up underarms.

DIY home solution for ease up my underarms


2 tsp lemon juice

tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp malai

1 tsp utna or normal scour


In the first place, completely wash and clean your underarms, ideally with a cured cleanser. Wash with warm water.

Clean your underarms in a roundabout movement with utna. Wash with warm water. Try not to clean your underarms consistently. Do this step two times per week. Attempt these normal face scours with utna.

Make a glue with lemon juice, turmeric, malai and honey and apply this to your underarms.

Allow it to dry and do something amazing for around 15 minutes. Ensure you re sitting in a marginally cool region and that you re not perspiring.

Wash off with warm water or wipe with a towel dunked in warm water.

Attempt this home cure consistently for a very long time.

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