Delicious Choco Melody

Delicious Choco Melody

Delicious Choco Melody/Choco Melody is a delicious and chewy candy pride with a purpose to be cherished through your youngsters. Made the usage of butter cashew biscuits, wheat flour biscuits, chocolate chips biscuits, condensed milk, milk and dry end result, this dessert recipe is actually mouth-watering and leaves a lingering buttery flavor for your mouth.

You can serve this sweet deal with with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it even greater flavorful. Occasions like kitty events, birthdays and sport nights are apt to have fun with this vegetarian recipe and might in reality impress anyone along with your top notch culinary skills. If you want your youngsters to reward you and come to be your fan, then this smooth recipe is what you have to make for them. Go ahead and do this yummy dessert this weekend!

Delicious Choco Melody
Delicious Choco Melody

Delicious Choco Melody

Total Time30mPrep Time10 mCalories376
Ingredients of Choco Melody

8 Servings
450 gm butter cashew biscuits
half cup wheat flour biscuits
1/four cup paneer
three/four cup condensed milk
1 cup coconut
1/four tablespoon mixed dry end result
1/four cup milk
a hundred and fifty gm chocolate chip biscuits

How to make Choco Melody
Step 1
To put together this dessert recipe, take a grinder jar and upload butter cashew biscuits, chocolate chips biscuits, wheat flour biscuits and coconut into it. Grind it collectively until your get powder like texture. Make positive there are no bits last and the aggregate is nice.

Step 2
Now, in a huge bowl, integrate the biscuit-coconut powder at the side of milk, condensed milk, paneer and combined dry end result. Using your arms, blend it well and mash the paneer as you mix. Knead it within the shape of a hard dough. Now, roll this out to a thickness of four inches, the use of a rolling pin. Place this on a plate coated with butter paper and positioned in the refrigerator.

Step 3
After 20 minutes, take it out and cut it into desired form. Serve those chilled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to revel in!


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