Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak Recipe

Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak Recipe

Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak Recipe

Consider modak and the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi will naturally ring a bell. This bright and lively celebration praises the introduction of our dearest Ganpati Bappa and it involves incredible excitement all around the Indian subcontinent.

Master Ganesha used to adore modaks, and to this end they are dominatingly arranged during this celebration by His fans. In the event that you have no clue about how to satisfy the Lord with His number one sweet, then you can definitely relax, you have us covered.

This year, offer a Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak to the Vighnaharta and look for heaps of gift from Him. Indeed, this remarkable modak contains the wealth of sublime chocolate cooperated with incredibly nutritious nuts which will take everybody to a glad ride of lip smacking flavors.

Since this sweet extravagance contains chocolate, even the particular children couldn’t imagine anything better than to pig out on this sweet pleasure and eat up all the modaks inside no time.

This simple recipe foods grown from the ground, dim chocolate modak can be ready inside only a couple of simple tasks and can be ready inside no time. Serve this prasad to all your precious ones and catch their substances with your uncommon culinary abilities.

Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak

Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak Recipe

This unique mix of foods grown from the ground, alongside dull chocolate and butterscotch won’t simply add to the flavor, however magnificently add to your prosperity also. Enjoy these improved nibbles and make the current year’s Ganesh Chaturthi considerably more unique and sweet.

Elements of Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak

250 gm dull chocolate chips

2 tablespoon raisins

50 gm butterscotch choco chips

50 gm blended dry natural products

20 gm sweetened natural product

The most effective method to make Dark Chocolate Nutty Modak

Stage 1 Melt the chocolate in microwave and blend every one of the fixings

To make this astonishing modak, take a microwave-safe bowl and add dim chocolate to it. Keep the bowl in the microwave and liquefy the chocolate until it turns smooth and sparkly.

When the chocolate melts, remove it from the microwave. Then, add every one of the fixings into the chocolate and blend everything well.

Stage 2 Stuff the combination in modak shape and refrigerate for 20 minutes

Presently, oil the modak molds with just enough oil and stuff the chocolate combination into them. Move the molds to an ice chest and let the modak set for 20 minutes.

Demould and partake in these yummy guilty pleasures.

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