Crepe Recipe

Crepe Recipe

Crepe Recipe. A flimsy baked good that you can make for your friends and family on end of the week early lunch or even breakfast, Crepe is a famous French recipe which is ready with normal fixings that you can undoubtedly track down in your kitchen.

Crepe Recipe

This is a simple to-make dish breakfast recipe that your children will cherish without a doubt! Customarily cooked with wheat flour, eggs, milk, and salt, this simple recipe can likewise be ready with regular flour. You can partake in this scrumptious crepe recipe with any syrup of your decision or with honey as well! Attempt it at home and appreciate with your loved ones.

Elements of Crepe

4 Servings
1 cup wheat flour
1 squeeze salt
2 tablespoon softened margarine
For The Main Dish
2 egg
250 ml milk

Crepe Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Crepe

Stage 1
To set up this simple crepe recipe, take a huge bowl and add wheat flour, milk, salt and air out eggs in it. Combine as one every one of the fixings and beat well with the assistance of an electric mixer.

Stage 2
Presently, put a skillet on medium fire and add margarine on it, when the spread is softened, spoon in 2 tablespoons of the feathery player. Lift and slant the skillet to equitably spread the hitter. Cook the crepe from the two finishes and when done, move the crepe to a paper towel for splashing the additional margarine.

Stage 3
Follow a similar method to plan more crepes. Put the pre-arranged crepes in a plate and spread syrup of your decision and appreciate!

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