Cream Sandwich Recipe

Cream Sandwich Recipe

Cream Sandwich Recipe. A cream sandwich made of hung curd, ringer peppers, velvety cheddar, preparing spread finished off with spices can be the ideal dish for you. This is an incredible choice for fast suppers that include extremely less arrangement and keeping in mind that tasting astounding the entire time. Not just the sandwich is not difficult to make and nutritious, yet it likewise tastes wonderful.

Cream Sandwich

4 Servings
2 tablespoon virgin olive oil
10 cuts bread cuts
3 tablespoon cubed curds
1 tablespoon green bean stew
salt as required
2 tablespoon garlic mayonnaise
1/2 cup hung curd
2 tablespoon red ringer pepper
1 tablespoon coriander leaves.

Cream Sandwich Recipe

Stage 1 Make a hung spread
Toast curds blocks in 1 tsp oil. In a blending bowl, add hung curd, curds, ringer peppers, green bean stew, coriander leaves, salt and dark pepper together.

Stage 2 Toast the bread
Toast the bread pieces on the two sides until fresh and brilliant. Spread the garlic mayonnaise and line up on a hacking board.

Stage 3 Fill in the stuffing
Equitably spread 2-3 tbsp of velvety stuffing on one bread cut and cover it with another. Present with ketchup or mustard sauce.

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