Corn Sandwich Recipe

Corn Sandwich Recipe

Corn Sandwich Recipe. Love to gorge on sandwiches on lethargic ends of the week?

Attempt this heavenly variety in your everyday vegetable sandwich which is, Spinach Corn Sandwich.


Corn Sandwich Recipe

These simple to-make sandwiches are lip-smacking too sound simultaneously.

These sandwiches accompany an additional benefit and that is, you don’t need a rundown brimming with fixings, only a couple of effectively accessible fixings like spinach, mayonnaise, spread, and corns are expected to set up these enticing sandwiches.

You can pack them in tiffin for your children and they will cherish these sandwiches.

How to make Spinach Corn Sandwich

Stage 1

Most importantly, whiten spinach and eliminate the edges of bread cuts.

Stage 2

Blend spinach leaves, bubbled corns, mayonnaise, margarine, salt and pepper in a bowl.

Corn Sandwich Recipe

Stage 3

Spread equitably on bread cuts. Barbecue and present with ketchup.

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