Coconut Milk Oats Recipe

Coconut Milk Oats Recipe

Coconut Milk Oats Recipe. Oats in It is a sound breakfast formula which is made with the blend of moment oats, coconut milk, strawberry, honey and coconut pieces.

It tastes as delectable as it looks and would be adored by individuals, everything being equal.

Coconut Milk

Vanilla Coconut Oatmeal Bowl - Little Broken

This formula needs least of your endeavors and it tastes superb.

Serve this heavenly formula to your loved ones and relish it’s enticing flavors with them.

Give an ideal beginning to your day with this oats dish and indulge yourself a supper that could only be described as epic.

How to make

Stage 1

In the first place, take a profound bowl and add moment oats, coconut milk, vanilla concentrate and water. Blend the fixings well and splash for the time being.

Stage 2

When done, take out the bowl and move the blend to a serving bowl. Mix back to actually take a look at the consistency. Presently, sprinkle the honey on the combination.

Creamy Coconut Oatmeal - Spoonful of Flavor

Stage 3

Ultimately, sprinkle cut strawberries, pistachios and coconut drops on the highest point of the blend. Serve it chilled right away.

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