Coconut Dosa Recipe

Coconut Dosa Recipe

Coconut Dosa Recipe. South Indian food brags of probably the most lip smacking dishes and we are here to introduce one such dish – Coconut Dosa. Ready with only 3 fixings: ground coconut, salt and dosa player, this finger licking dosa can be savored on events like pot fates and Sunday early lunches. Ready in under 30 minutes, you can pack this enticing dish in lunch boxes and convey it to your work environment as well. You can serve it with hot delightful sambhar and chutney to finish your feast.

Coconut Dosa Recipe

On the off chance that you are following a sound eating regimen nowadays, and need to have a go at something which takes care of your taste buds, this low carb dosa is only ideally suited for you. So evaluate this astounding solid dosa recipe and appreciate it with your friends and family!

Elements of Coconut Dosa

12 Servings
6 tablespoon ground coconut
1 kilograms dosa player
salt as required
refined oil as required

Coconut Dosa Recipe

Instructions to make Coconut Dosa

Stage 1
In the first place, add ground coconut and enough water in a processor and crush it into a fine glue.

Stage 2
Presently over medium fire, place a non-stick skillet and with the assistance of a cooking splash, oil it. In a huge bowl, add dosa player and blend it in the pre-arranged coconut glue.

Stage 3
When the container is hot, add a spoon brimming with hitter over it and spread it equally into a roundabout movement. Keep the fire low.

Stage 4
Presently add 2-3 drops of oil around the spread hitter in the dish and meal it until the base becomes marginally brilliant brown and the edges are fresh. Then, at that point, flip it and dish the opposite side in the comparable design.

Stage 5
Move the dosa onto a plate and shape it into a chamber. Rehash the cycle to make other dosas and serve it with tasty sambhar and chutney.

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