Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

Chicken Siew Mai Recipe. Chicken Siew Mai is a simple to make nibble/tidbit formula. Presented with red bean stew chutney, this Chinese formula can be served in pot karma and kitty parties as well.

Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

Elements for making Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

180 gm minced chicken
10 gm ginger
4 squeezes salt
5 ml soy sauce
3 ml sesame oil
1 cup egg
20 gm spring onions
5 gm corn flour
1 tablespoon meat masala
3 dark pepper as required
3 wonton covering

Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

Instructions to make Chicken Siew Mai Recipe

Stage 1
Take minced chicken, add egg, light soya sauce and cornflour in a blender processor. Blend it pleasantly, utilizing a blender processor.

Stage 2
Add different flavors, for example, salt, meat masala and pepper.

Stage 3
Add onion and sesame oil and blend till delicate.

Stage 4
Stuff the blend in the wonton covering.

Stage 5
Organize the dimsums in a crate and steam for 8 minutes.

Stage 6
Present with red bean stew chutney.

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