Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

Chicken Salad Roll Recipe. Hankering for a solid yet delectable roll to satisfy your cravings for food, then here’s a simple Chicken Salad Roll Recipe, which you can make at home and enjoy whenever. Simply follow us through this simple formula…

Chicken Salad Roll Recipe is a delightful bite that will be essentially cherished by individuals of all age gatherings. This simple to-make formula is loaded up with chicken pieces, onion, salsa sauce and mayonnaise which make this dish remarkable and essentially difficult to stand up to. It is ready in only a couple of moments without investing a lot of energy.

Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

This delectable formula is amazing to serve on unique events like kitty party, pot karma, game evening, excursion, cookout or on a family get-together and watch your visitors requesting something else for it. It tastes heavenly when presented with some tart chutney or plunge. You can likewise serve this as a morning meal, evening nibble or basically wrapped for tiffins. Along these lines, feel free to attempt this mouth-watering formula for your loved ones and enjoy its lip-smacking taste. Appreciate!

Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

Elements for making Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

2 cup destroyed chicken
lettuce leaf as required
1 tablespoon salsa sauce
1 cup slashed onion
6 tortillas
1 cup mayonnaise
dark pepper as required
salt as required

Step by step instructions to make Chicken Salad Roll Recipe

Stage 1 Boil the chicken and set up the spread

To set up this yummy formula, heat water in a dish over medium fire and heat up the chicken alongside salt. Presently, make the spread by combining as one mayonnaise, salt, pepper, salsa, onion and bubbled and destroyed chicken in a bowl.

Stage 2 Place the tortillas and spot the lettuce

Then, put the tortillas on a plate and spot lettuce leaves over it. Spread the chicken blend equally on the lettuce leaves.

Stage 3 Chicken plate of mixed greens wraps are prepared to savor!

At last, add a few mayonnaise, cleaved tomatoes and wrap the tortilla. Move the Chicken Salad Wrap to a serving plate and present with any chutney or plunge of your decision. Appreciate!


To make this wrap more solid, you can supplant mayonnaise with new or hung curd to get a similar rich spread.
To make it more yummy, you can throw the chicken and veggies.
You can likewise add toppings to make it really alluring .

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