Check out these tips for a long-lasting makeup look

Check out these tips for a long-lasting makeup look

Check out these tips for a long-lasting makeup look,

Long-lasting makeup tips

01/7​Here’s how your make-up can final longer this festive season

Festivals usually encompass loads more matters than easy dressing up and going out. All the rituals need to be planned, the prasad needs to be readied and plated, the entire house needs to be organized to welcome the festive vibe and the visitors that observe it.

Long-lasting makeup tips

Keeping all that and the truth that dressing up and getting geared up is a sizable part of getting festival-ready, we were given in contact with Waqas Lasania, Founder, Europe Girl and compiled a list of guidelines to assist your make-up remaining longer and assist you look sparkling as you mandap hop, juggle between house parties and enjoy the festivities.

02/7​Don’t miss the primer

Using primer as the base for your makeup will ensure your make-up stays placed and lasts longer.

03/7​Opt for an extended-put on basis

Instead of touching up your make-up on every occasion you decide to hop over to a new mandap, transfer from your tinted moisturised to long-put on foundations that stay on all day. Ensure your convey alongside a splendor blender sponge to mop away the greater oils at the same time as leaving your foundation intact.

04/7​Enhance your eyes

No Indian appearance is entire with deep black kohl to enhance your eyes. Follow it up with eyeliner and a tiny bit of setting powder to make sure it remains placed and does no longer get smudged in the course of your mandap hopping adventure.

05/7​Use a lip liner

One smooth way to ensure your lipstick stays in vicinity and all day long is to line your lips the use of a lip liner earlier than the use of your prefered lipstick shade. Make certain your lip liner colour is as near the lipstick coloration to combo the look together.

06/7​Seal with spritz

End your make-up with the aid of ensuring to use a setting spray. Simply a spritz or two over your makeup will make certain all of the oils and sweat do not go away you with a face complete of smudged and messy makeup.

07/7​Wear that bindi

Make positive you end the look with a traditional bindi. Just a touch greater some thing to convey out the desi look you’re going for all through the festive season.

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