Can you get dengue twice? Read here to find out

Can you get dengue twice? Read here to find out

Can you get dengue twice? Read here to find out,

Can you get dengue twice?

You can get infected with dengue no longer once, twice however more than one times, with each next infection being deadlier than the ones before.
A discipline worker includes out fumigation at Okhla Shaheen Bagh in New Delhi on Tuesday.


You can get inflamed with this no longer as soon as, two times however multiple times, with every next infection being deadlier than those earlier than.

This is unfold with the aid of the aedes egypti mosquito that also spreads chikungunya, zika and yellow fever and causes flu-like symptoms of excessive fever, headache, joint and muscle pains and in some instances, rashes and bleeding from gums, nostril and ears, says the World Health Organization.

Amid reviews of underneath-analysis and beneath-reporting, India has confirmed 36,635 instances and 58 dengue deaths till August 20, 2017.

Kerala is the worst affected kingdom with 16,530 instances and 28 deaths. Since it outbreaks peak in September and October, the numbers will shoot up over the following months.

Dengue with out a symptoms

The hurdle is that extra than two in three human beings may not even develop symptoms the primary time they get infected.

In Delhi, 768 (36.1%) of two,one hundred twenty five humans examined for dengue showed past (25.Five%), number one (1.88%) or secondary (eight.8%) infections, suggested a take a look at in the worldwide journal, Actatropica.

Close to 2 in three (63%) of the 226 newly inflamed cases were asymptomatic, with most effective eighty four (37%) developing signs and symptoms, determined the have a look at, which concluded that there are a massive range of asymptomatic dengue infections inside the network.

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