Braised Lamb Shank Recipe

Braised Lamb Shank Recipe

Braised Lamb Shank Recipe. A delectable non-veggie lover recipe, Braised Lamb Shank is a genuine pleasure for non-veg sweethearts. You can partake in this sheep meat dish with pureed potatoes and a bread of your decision for pot karma and unique events.

Braised Lamb Shank Recipe

Elements of Braised Lamb Shank

4 Servings
1 legs of lamb
1 tail cleaved lemon grass
20 ml fish sauce
20 gm granulated sugar

10 gm cleaved garlic
15 ml refined oil
20 ml Thai red curry glue
300 ml coconut milk
2 gm hacked kaffir lime leaves
15 gm hacked tomato
2 teaspoon salt
10 gm hacked onion
1 cup water
2 gm curry powder

For Garnishing
1 teaspoon coconut cream

For Toppings
5 gm basil
10 gm slashed spring onions
2 gm hacked coriander leaves

Braised Lamb Shank Recipe

The most effective method to make Braised Lamb Shank

Stage 1
In a bowl, place sheep (use leg of lamb, if accessible) in water alongside cleaved lemongrass, Kafir lime leaves, salt and granulated sugar (leave a little for the flavoring).

Stage 2
Presently put the leg of lamb in a stove at 150 degree Celsius for about an hour or till the sheep is delicate.

Stage 3
Put a container over medium fire and intensity oil in it. Add cleaved onion, garlic and red curry glue in the oil and saute briefly.

Stage 4
Presently add hacked tomato and curry powder in the dish, and saute well.

Stage 5
Add coconut milk in the dish and permit it to stew. Season the cooked sauce with fish sauce and sugar.

Stage 6
Presently add the cooked leg of lamb in the curry and stew once more.

Stage 7
Add new basil, slashed spring onion and coriander over the curry

Stage 8
Put leg of lamb on the platter and pour curry on it.

Stage 9
Decorate with coconut cream and serve.

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