Best place to relax talking around world

Best place to relax talking around world

As someone who puts food on the table by way of writing, I honestly could not ask for a better friend than solitude. Boundless in its generosity, solitude has given me the profound gifts of creativity, inspiration, and imagination. What’s more, it is the only friend I can call upon time and time again without it ever asking for anything in return.

While quiet and peaceful destinations are often linked to introverts, I would thus argue that there are actually many out there who understand the value of solitude as well as how to properly savor it. When these people travel, don’t expect to find crowded tourist traps or cities with pulsing nightlife on their itinerary. Secluded beaches, tranquil national parks and serene lakefronts are instead some of their most typical destinations.

1. Slope Point, New Zealand:

The cold and powerful winds of the Antarctic Ocean mercilessly sweep through the green pastures and rocky cliffs of New Zealand’s Slope Point. The trees bear visible scars of the relentless onslaught as they are permanently warped, crooked and bent in an almost unnatural manner.Despite the winds seemingly rendering the place inhospitable, Slope Point is actually quite safe and somewhat therapeutic with its flock of sheep grazing obliviously on the verdant green carpet and with the endless ocean serving as the backdrop. With nary a soul in sight, the beautiful Slope Point is the perfect place for introverts to recharge and reflect.

2. Kamakura, Japan:

The peaceful and unassuming temple town of Kamakura lies just 50 kilometers south of Tokyo and is easily accessible via the JR Yokosuka line. The town of Kamakura is simply idyllic and charming with its collection of temples enveloped by a lush, wooded surroundings.Although not entirely devoid of visitors, the numerous temples and shrines are conveniently scattered throughout the town effectively preventing crowds from amassing on a single point. You’d love strolling through the serene and peaceful bamboo groves as you make your way from one impeccable temple to the next.

3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland:

No, I certainly don’t mean the famous, tourist-infested Swiss resort of Grindelwald; which lies in the next valley. I’m talking about the authentic mountainside Swiss village of Gimmelwald, which is essentially a heavenly sanctuary for introverts. Visitors won’t find any modern vehicles roaming the quiet streets and polluting its pristine air, as this laid-back village prohibits the use of motorized vehicles of any kind.Nestled at the foot of the Jungfrau mountains, Gimmelwald offers immediate access to a variety of hiking trails ranging from the most leisurely to the downright challenging. These hikes take visitors through enchanting forests, soothing waterfalls, gentle streams and eventually reward them with some of the most breathtaking views the Alps mountain range has to offer.

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