Bedroom scenarios Indian couples face in joint families

Bedroom scenarios Indian couples face in joint families

Bedroom scenarios Indian couples face in joint families,

Indian couples face in joint families

Which problem do you face?

When couples stay in a joint family, they must be discreet in terms of sex. They can not experiment plenty and loud, experimental intercourse is without a doubt a distant dream. Here we list out 7 maximum common issues.


Sex toys

If BDSM is your poison and you love experimenting with sex toys then residing with family and reaching this type of a sex lifestyles can develop into considered one of your worst nightmares. Imagine if anyone happens to locate your toys! Even worse if one of the kids sees it and starts gambling with it!


Knock! Knock!

You are making out and within the center of a few properly sex, the bell jewelry because one of the own family contributors forgot something at domestic. This situation is very commonplace and at that second focussing becomes hard, especially for guys (you know what we mean).

Sexy underwear

If you fortunately have a laundry room or a separate toilet where nobody comes, you then are safe but otherwise, you just can’t hang your sexy undies for drying. Thongs, see via playboy clothes, babydoll clothes, all are out of question whilst dwelling in a joint family.

No sound

There is unassuming sex and then there may be wild intercourse where both or each of you like making sounds and specific your pleasure. In a joint family with people napping opposite your room, sharing the wall, loud sex can grow to be an issue. You simply can’t find the money for to scream out loud. Right?

No love bites

You can’t come up with the money for to offer every different love bites. One hickey can embarrass you in the front of any of the Indian family participants. The “khi-khis” or “haws” add to the annoyance.

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