Banana Paniyaram Recipe

Banana Paniyaram Recipe

Banana Paniyaram Recipe. This is a more straightforward and solid form of the famous South Indian sweet ‘Paniyaaram’ or ‘Appam’.

My children exceptionally love these yummy appams, as they are extremely delicate and delightful.

Banana Paniyaram

Banana Paniyaram Recipe

Likewise, the children call it ‘Dora Cake’ as it looks like the ones Doraemon eats up!

All you want to set up this vegan formula are: wheat flour, rice flour, banana, jaggery powder, green cardamom, and baking pop.

This is a sweet appam that you can appreciate after a delectable dinner. Attempt this simple formula and appreciate!

How to make Healthy Banana Appams

Stage 1

Take a huge bowl and squash the ready banana in it. Once done, add the powdered jaggery alongside 1/4 cup rice flour, wheat flour, and cardamom powder.

Blend well every one of the fixings utilizing a spoon.

Stage 2

Gradually add water in the bowl to make a hitter that has flapjack like consistency.

When the player is ready, add baking pop and blend well. (Tip: If you think hitter isn’t smooth then you can crush 2 rounds in a blender.)

Stage 3

Presently, heat the ‘paniyaram skillet’ and oil the shape well with a drop of ghee.

Stage 4

Presently, pour 2 tablespoons of the hitter in each shape. (Tip: Keep some space in each well while pouring for the appam to rise.)

Banana Paniyaram Recipe

Stage 5

Cover the dish with a top and cook for 30 seconds on medium fire.

Remove the cover and flip the appams.

Add one more drop of ghee to each form and afterward cook briefly.

Once done, take them out in a plate and serve hot!

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