Bacon and Eggs Recipe

Bacon and Eggs Recipe

Bacon and Eggs Recipe. Bacon and Eggs is a well known and most loves Continental breakfast that is very satisfying and delectable. Bacon and eggs is a basic, simple and healthy feast that is ideally suited for a satisfying supper and one of the most amazing Keto breakfast. Bacon and eggs is a recipe that is truly simple to plan. as we as a whole realize that bacon and eggs go very well with one another and it is a protein-rich breakfast recipe.

Bacon and Eggs Recipe

On the off chance that you don’t want to set up an intricate dinner, this is the thing you ca get ready in a tiny bit of time. Follow the straightforward recipe steps and partake in this dinner with your friends and family. Attempt now!

Elements of Bacon and Eggs

4 Servings
8 egg
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
salt as required
150 gm bacon
1/4 cup parsley
dark pepper as required

Bacon and Eggs Recipe

Instructions to make Bacon and Eggs

Stage 1 Pan fry the bacon
Sear bacon in a skillet on medium-low fire until they are firm. Move them into a plate.

Stage 2 Cook eggs and cherry tomatoes
Utilize a similar container to cook eggs. Break eggs in the dish and cook them as you like; just right. Cover the container with the goal that the egg cooks appropriately. Cut cherry tomatoes and cook in the skillet simultaneously.

Stage 3 Season the eggs and present with bacon
Add preparing and decorate with slashed new parsley. Serve bacon and eggs hot.

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