Asymptomatic COVID carrier seriousness

Asymptomatic COVID carrier seriousness

Asymptomatic COVID carrier seriousness. COVID carrier , With the emergence of the most aggressively transmitting variant of the COVID-19 inducing coronavirus, Omicron, emphasis is on a wholesome approach towards prevention of the infection and increased understanding of the transmission of the virus.

Of the several types of carriers that transmit the coronavirus, the asymptomatic ones function in a mysterious way. How exactly being an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 affects the risk and burden of the disease is least understood. With a limited knowledge and frequent outbreak of infection due to virulent mutated variants, many possible insights in tracing, controlling and curbing the transmission of the virus.

COVID carrier

Asymptomatic COVID carrier seriousness

Asymptomatic carriers are the silent carriers of the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines these carriers as laboratory-confirmed cases where a person infected with COVID-19 does not develop symptoms. WHO says infected people can transmit the virus both when they have symptoms and when they don’t have symptoms.

This is why it is important that all people who are infected are identified by testing, isolated, and, depending on the severity of their disease, receive medical care.
A recent report of NDTV shows that out of the total number of new COVID cases that have been traced in Mumbai till January 3, 90% are asymptomatic.

Until January 4, 2022 India has reported 37,379 new Covid-19 cases, and 1,892 Omicron cases so far. The country has reported 124 deaths in last 24 hour.

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