APPLY LIPSTICK LIKE A PRO. Whoever said that precious stones are a young lady’s closest companion sure didn’t think about the significance of lipstick in a young lady’s life! The eruption of certainty you feel when you put on the right shade of lipstick is essentially unparalleled. Be that as it may, TBH, this feeling can rapidly transform into shame once your lipstick begins to drain or sink into the breaks yikes.


Which makes us wonder — how do the aces hit the nail on the head each and every time? So we did some digging and concocted a definitive aide on the best way to apply lipstick like an expert. Energized? Look down to look at it.

Stage 1: Prep
Stage 2: Dip
Stage 3: Define
Stage 4: Fill
Stage 5: Set

Begin by shedding your lips and afterward saturate them utilizing a lip salve. This step disposes of the dead skin that makes your lipstick go on sketchy and gives you smooth, child delicate lips.

You probably seen numerous experts utilizing brushes to apply lipstick. This could look overwhelming, in any case, in fact, it is one of the most straightforward ways of applying lipstick without goofing it up. That is the reason we’re thoroughly smashing over the new Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint .


It accompanies a specialist lip brush and a lip pot with 10 serious matte tones to browse. The lip brush assists you with characterizing your lips like an expert and is really simple to utilize as well. You should simply dunk your brush in the lip pot, scoop out a little tone, and you are good to go for the following stage.

It means quite a bit to frame your lips to keep the lipstick from dying. Furthermore, the Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint ‘s master lip brush assists you with doing that easily. Begin by drawing an ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow. From that point onward, frame the external corner and lower lip line. Interface the lines and layout your other lips.

When your lips are impeccably characterized, just fill in your lips utilizing the lip tone. You can add one more layer of lip paint in the event that you need more inclusion.

To guarantee your lipstick waits for longer and doesn’t smirch, place a tissue between your lips and tighten your lips together — this will help dispose of the overabundance item.

You can likewise put a tissue over your variety covered lips and gently spot some clear powder on the tissue utilizing a powder brush. The powder retains the overabundance item and holds your lipstick back from smearing.

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