Apple Stew Pancake Recipe

Apple Stew Pancake Recipe

Apple Stew Pancake Recipe. For some, families, ends of the week are inseparable from hotcakes, a simple breakfast formula. It is likewise viewed as a quality supper for youngsters. With the integrity of apples, here is a straightforward formula to prepare delightful Apple Stew Pancake.

Apple Stew Pancake

2 apple
50 gm universally handy flour
2 teaspoon ghee
50 gm icing sugar
1 squeeze salt

Apple Stew Pancake Recipe

Stage 1
To set up this scrumptious flapjack formula, first steam apple and blend it in with icing sugar.

Stage 2
Whenever the apple is steamed, move the steamed apple blend to a container, and put it on low fire.

Stage 3
Cook the steamed apple for a couple of moments, and when its cooked completely, eliminate the skillet from the burner. Keep to the side your apple stew.

Stage 4
Then, at that point, blend generally useful flour (maida) with salt and ghee in an enormous bowl and put it away for a couple of moments.

Stage 5
Presently, smear ghee on a plate, and sprinkle maida blend on it pleasantly. Then, at that point, spread the apple stew on the plate, and sprinkle one more layer of maida blend on the stew.

Stage 6
Steam this plate for a couple of moments, and when the flapjack is cooked, you can serve it hot or cold as per your inclination.

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