American Potato Scallops Recipe

American Potato Scallops Recipe

American Potato Scallops Recipe. American Potato Scallops is a simple to-create primary dish formula that can be ready on any event and will be cherished by children and grown-ups the same. American Potato Scallops is cooked with potatoes, self-raising flour, salt, dark pepper and vegetable oil. American Potato Scallops are meagerly cut and dunked into the flour player and afterward pan fried. Nonetheless, assuming you have a broiler at home, you can set up a sound form too without any problem! Line a few meagerly cut potatoes in a baking dish and brush a few additional virgin olive oil on cuts and mesh some Parmesan cheddar over them.

American Potato Scallops

6 potato
2 cup water
2 1/2 gm self raising flour
50 gm parmesan cheddar
2 cup vegetable oil
dark pepper as required
salt as required

American Potato Scallops Recipe

Stage 1
To set up this tasty American formula, wash the potatoes well and afterward strip them. Cut these stripped potatoes in dainty round cuts. Then, at that point, put a pot on medium fire and hotness oil in it.

Stage 2
In a huge bowl, add oneself raising flour, salt and dark pepper powder. Blend well and afterward make a well in the middle. Add water in it and blend well to a semi-thick hitter. A while later, whisk well until the player is smooth and no knots are remaining.

Stage 3
At this point, the oil will be sufficiently hot to sear the potatoes. Drop the potato cuts in the player and coat with the flour hitter. Remember to eliminate the additional hitter from the cut. Cautiously place the dunked potato cuts in the hot oil and profound fry them until brilliant brown in shading.

Stage 4
Move these broiled potato cuts in a baking plate and mesh the cheddar over them. Prepare for 10 minutes at 180 degree celcius.

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